Happy 10th Birthday Ava Phillippe!

Name: Ava Phillippe

Date of Birth: September 9, 1999

Parents: Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe

Siblings: Deacon Reese (10/03)

– She was born the day before daddy Ryan’s 25th birthday
– Ava has a pet pig named Booker T. Washington

Quote from Parent:
“It took me a long time to acclimate myself. I was scared to death. I was 23, got home from the hospital and nobody gave me any instructions. My mother had to go back to work, and I didn’t know what to do. I was terrified. The first six months were unbelievably difficult. I didn’t sleep. Luckily, I had really good friends.” – Reese, on becoming a mother.

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  • Claire

    OMG, she was born 9/9/1999? That´s amazing 😀

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