Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayek Do Lunch

Longtime friends Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek were spotted leaving Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont after meeting for lunch today. Maybe Salma, whose daughter Valentina turns 2 this month, was passing along a few parenting tips!

Though they’ve yet to confirm the news, it’s been reported that Penelope and her Oscar-winning beau Javier Bardem are expecting their first baby.

“Penelope is about four months pregnant,” a source told Just Jared last month. “She’s really healthy now and will be a great mother.”

Can you spot a bump?

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  1. christine

    Maaaaaybeeee. Yes, the pictures are suspicious, but I’m not convinced she’s actually pregnant. The “report” we heard in August seemed more like a rumor, even though everyone ran with it

    Here’s the thing: A month ago, it was reported that she was four months pregnant, implying that she’d be five months pregnant in these current photos. How easy it it to hide a five-month-old bump under a baggy T-shirt? Easier for a tall woman, but, still…

  2. Lilly

    She is def prego! Salma’s little girl is adorable!

  3. Marilyn

    She does look thicker around the middle, but she doesn’t look 5 mos. pregnant to me — maybe only 3 mos or going on 4 mos.

  4. Janie

    Penelope and Salma are both gorgeous women.

    Valentina is adorable.

  5. ll

    In contrast to her usual slim appearance? Definitely pregnant. She’s probably about 5 months along, but in terms of bump, she’s tall and slim, so probably carrying small.

  6. jane

    I just saw pictures on another website of Penelope eating lunch with Salma and she is smoking cigarettes.

    That is truly disgusting! She is pregnant and smoking! She is an idiot!

  7. Brandi

    How harsh Jane. You know she doesn’t have to actually be pregnant. A thing called a rumor.

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