The Paisleys Cover People Magazine

The Paisley family pose for a happy family portrait on the cover of the new issue of People magazine as country crooner Brad and his wife Kimberly show off their adorable boys Jasper, 4 1/2 months, and Huck, 2 1/2. What a sweet picture!

The couple open up about their sons’ very different personalities, saying that little Jasper is “more easygoing” while Huck – who they describe as “animated, fiery and dramatic” – tends to keep them on their toes.

With an infant and a very spirited toddler in the house, busy mom Kimberly admits, “Two feels like more than two. It feels like five sometimes! But we’re so fortunate that Jasper is happy most of the time.”

Unlike a lot of celebrity parents, the According to Jim actress and her husband are very happy to say that they don’t rely on hired help.

“We have a couple of trusted friends and babysitters and two sets of grandparents. We don’t have anybody on payroll. That was a big deal for me,” Brad says. “I’m lucky that my parents are in such good shape, and they are only 60. The other night, I called my mom and said, ‘We’re thinking about going to see a movie. What are you guys doing later?’ And they said, ‘We were just going to get something to eat, and we’ll come by when we’re done.’ They came and put Huck down and fed Jasper, and then we went to that movie. It’s nice to do that and then come home and know that they are with their grandparents and they are having a better time than when we’re here … and learning more probably!”

The issue of People featuring the full interview with Brad and Kimberly hits newsstands on September 21.

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  • Anonymous

    they are all so cute!

  • Dana

    Love them!

  • cat vomit

    huck and jasper? i would rather be named sparrow

    • Deb

      Huck’s first name is actually William and Jasper is cool!! What’s your name,cat vomit?;is it any better than your name on here?!? Both Huck(William) and Jasper are a HE** of a lot better than Sparrow!!!!

  • Dea

    Beautiful looking family!

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