Adam Sandler & Family: Supper In Santa Monica

Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie were seen taking their two daughters – Sadie, 3, and Sunny, 10 months – out for dinner in Santa Monica, CA on Thursday (September 10). Once again, Sadie was seen in another cute dress, while Sunny was spotted in her doting dad’s arms.

The 43-year-old Reign Over Me star recently talked about how family life has kept his jokes G-rated.

I haven’t talked that filthy in front of people probably ever. We had real audiences and I’d go on stage being as filthy as can be and I’m seeing people are into it, and some people are going, ‘No, don’t go there.’ And then I would drive home and I’d be in my driveway alone in front of my house where my two little kids are sleeping and I just felt like the biggest, dirtiest human being. I tell you one thing, having two daughters eliminated any vagina jokes we thought about doing.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Marilyn

    I wonder if his wife could be pregnant again. I keep seeing her in loose-fitting tops/dresses and sometimes she looks preggers.

  • Anonymous

    I love Adam and his family, but is it me or does he wear some awful clothes? He always looks like such a mess!

  • jane

    I think Adam looks like a slob all of the time.

  • amber

    sadie is really cute in that dress. love her long curl.
    adam is a comedian, he doesn’t give a sh@t of what he wears. i remember he worn some sh@tty clothes on the letterman, guess that’s one of the reasons people like about him.

  • Caris

    Sadie is the most adorable/interesting looking little girl! Can’t wait to see what she’ll look like as she gets older. Sooooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the wife is preggers..They’re trying for a boy.

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