Tom Brady Confirms Baby News

It’s official: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are expecting! Not exactly breaking news, but it has finally been confirmed by the dad-to-be himself.

In an interview set to air this Sunday, the quarterback tells ESPN‘s Chris Berman that the baby is due in December. Tom, who has 2-year-old son Jack with his ex Bridget Moynahan, revealed that he’s even signed on to Lamaze classes, saying, “Well, it couldn’t be harder than this training camp, so I’ll be prepared. The women are the ones who have to do the work, we just have to be there and support them, so it’ll be nice to do that.”

He does have one request, though: “I told her… no Sundays.”

Though the baby news was announced in June by People magazine and Gisele has since been spotted sporting a baby bump, the couple have kept mum on the subject until now.

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  • Bonitto

    Congrats Tom and Gisele, have a happy, healthy Babe.

  • Anonymous

    Correction: He didn’t say he signed onto Lamaze classes, he was just joking about taking them. And the “no sundays” part was in response to the fact that she’s due in december during the football season, not about taking any classes.
    I know its not big deal, but this is like the sixth website that can’t report 2 sentences correctly.

  • jane

    Love Tom and Gisele. Gorgeous people! Congratulations to them!

    • Lannna

      She’ having a BOY!!!

  • Anonymous

    They are engaged. They’re not engaged.

    They are engaged. They’re not engaged.

    They are pregnant. They’re not pregnant.

    They are pregnant. They’re not pregnant.

    These two and the news about them are as nauseating as morning sickness.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Two kids with two different mothers with age difference of only 2 years! Tom don’t waste time.

  • Shoeaddict

    Hmmm, I wonder if he’ll “support” her like he “supported” Bridget? You know, by sleeping with another woman during her pregnancy.

    • Anonymous

      That might be a valid comment if the two situations were in any way the same, but they are not. Tom and Gisele are married. He and Bridget broke up before he even knew she was pregnant (and presumably before she knew as well). But of course I’m sure you know that – everyone knows that, but people who hate him continue to pretend they don’t because they just want an excuse to bash him, even if it has no basis in fact.

  • Anonymous vicki

    HE’s cute baby,I became an aunt 6/10 to a boy,

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