Guess Who Revealed: Dominik García-Lorido

The eyes gave her away!

Andy García and his gorgeous 26-year-old daughter, actress Dominik García-Lorido, rocked the red carpet together for the screening of City Island, directed by Raymond De Felitta at the 35th US film festival in Deauville, France on Friday (September 11).

The 53-year-old When a Man Loves a Woman star and his wife of 27 years, María Victoria Lorido, also have three other children: daughters Daniella, 21, and Alessandra, 18, and son Andres, 7.

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  • Hannah

    Is it Andy Garcia’s daughter? She looks just like him!! Or maybe Al Pacino? But I don’t think he has a 26 year old daughter…I’ll stick with Andy Garcia.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know, but based on the eyes clue, i was also going to guess Andy Garcia. 😀

  • Valerie

    Andy Garcia is what came to mind for me also 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s Andy Garcia’s daughter.

  • Laura

    Andy Garcie

  • Towanda

    Andy Garcia’s daughter. No doubt!

  • Anonymous

    Andy Garcia’s daughter, Dominik García-Lorido.

  • Joanna

    Andy Garcia for sure 100%

  • Bea,Poland

    Ialso think it’s Andy Garcia’s daughter 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Same person making the same comments using different names.

  • Jen

    definitely andy garcia’s daughter.

  • carolyn

    Wow, you guys are good! 🙂 She’s beautiful.

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