Kendra Wilkinson’s Beverly Hills Bump

Kendra Wilkinson showed off her baby bump at The Brent Shapiro Foundation Summer Spectacular for alcohol and drug awareness held at a private estate in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday (September 12).

The 24-year-old reality TV star is expecting her first child – a boy – with NFL player husband Hank Baskett in December. Speaking to Us Weekly, the Girls Next Door star said, “I’ve been hornier! We’ll be off-roading and we’ll go at it in the bushes somewhere. Or we’ll be driving and he’ll pull over. Quickies are the best!”

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  • Carrie

    She needs to stop sharing these kind of things! Definitely too much info!

  • Kendra you make a beautiful mom! and I love your makeup! Great job!

  • Claire

    Does that comment have any relevancy to the topic? Maybe how the baby was conceived, or what??

  • Janie

    OMG! She is so immature and embarassing! Grow up Kendra!

  • sheila

    How classy of her.

  • Dea

    gross! really, does the public really need to know all the details of their sex life?

  • Anna

    This girl has no class, she just sounds stupid.

  • Jane

    She is a pathetic nobody! Stupid!

  • Jlauren

    I’m so glad you all (well most) agree. I mean, come ON! Does she not realize that she’s about to be someone’s MOTHER?! I’m not saying that you should become some neutred adult with so sex-drive, but when someone asks you about being pregant, and your immediate respose is, “I like sex! Lots of sex!” You need to check yourself. Seriously.

  • Rach

    You have to respond with just the right words to keep your name in the magazines…especially when you were never famous to begin with.

  • mummy

    the people who look on these sites obviously do think shes famous otherwise why would they look. u r all immature. u pretend u cant stand her but then u take the time to look on these sights n comment on her… u should all grow up…

  • Jessica

    Kendra has always spoke her mind. That is the way she is, and if you people had no interest you wouldn’t be looking online for her. Obviously she has become famous enough for people to take notice. As a newly pregnant person I for one am glad to know that I am not the only one to feel more sexually interested, and just because you become a mom does not mean that you have to lose interest in sex or stop saying what you think if you are already outspoken. We’re still young women after all!

  • Elise

    Ugh!!! I’m no prude…I love Playboy…I love sex…but don’t want to think about Kendra in a bush gettin busy with her hubby. Does the baby wait in the car now while they finish up? You’re a mother and a wife these days, Kendra. I’d think you’d be more apt to behave like a lady. Some things are better left unsaid and men like a woman to leave some things to the imagination. Bigtime hint Kendra…direct quote from your husband…”I’m afraid you’re going to open up your mouth and say too much”. There it is. Noooooott sexy.

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