Teri Hatcher Completes Malibu Triathlon

Teri Hatcher was one of several famous faces competing in this weekend’s Malibu Triathlon.

In an essay written for ModernMom, the Desperate Housewives star, who is mom to 11-year-old daughter Emerson Rose, explains her decision to enter and train for the grueling event. Surprisingly, she discovered her life as a mom offered her plenty of useful prep for the triathlon.

“Mothers seem to be inherently capable of more than you might expect. They can carry a baby, a stroller, a back pack full of diapers, snacks, toys, bottles and extra clothes, up and down the subway stairs, in and out of a car trunk, all while wearing a business suit with heels as they rush to daycare before the workday starts,” Teri, 44, writes. “Mothers make salt dough for the science project and soft dough for pizza night dinner, vacuum, do the laundry, while hosting a sleep over and still keep on ticking. They can talk about feelings, they can swallow their feelings, they can laugh, cry, give love, and hugs, fix up bruised knees and bruise anyone who hurts their family. They keep pushing themselves until it all gets done. Triathlons are like that. Push yourself to the end. Only triathlons DO end and motherhood never ends. And guess what? I’m grateful for that.”

Other celebs who crossed the finish line included Mario Lopez, Ryan Seacrest and David Hasselhoff.

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Photo credit: Asadorian-Mejia/Splash

  • Anonymous

    She looks in such great shape. Makes me want to get off my butt and do something.

    • Mig

      I was thinking the very same thing 🙂

  • Jane

    love her!

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