Matthew Settle & His Gossip Girl

Matthew Settle was spotted with his wife, actress/model Naama Nativ, and their 6-month-old daughter Aven Angelica Settle in Manhattan on Monday (September 14).

Prior to the arrival of their first child, Matthew commented on how impending fatherhood made him want to strive to be better:

Before you have a child, everything is about you. But my wife, and us having a child, makes me want to be a better man.”

Settle is best known for playing Rufus Humphrey on the popular TV show Gossip Girl.

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  • RWF

    I would not be happy with my husband if we were walking as a family and he had his headphones on and I didn’t. Just a thought…lol

  • ANON

    I was thinking the same thing RWF. I would think it pretty rude if my spouse was wearing headphones while out with the family.

  • Sophie Lee

    That man is constantly plugged in! There are also several photo of him holding Aven and listening to music in both ears. It’s as if not in tune with his surroundings, and doesn’t want to interact with the people around him, which, given it’s his family, is pretty rude in my opinion. I don’t doubt his abilities as a father or husband, and I am trying not to judge given that this is just one moment in time, but I still think listening to music while out with your wife and child is not quite right.

  • Rika

    Calm down, girls. I’m pretty sure, that he is listening no MUSIC there but his SCRIPT! He is not so good in memorising (I believe Chace Crawford said this…), so it’s a good way to learn his script. And this belongs to his job! I’m sure he talks very much with his family 😉 So don’t judge him if you don’t know the facts. Okay I’m also not that sure, but it’s much better to think pink 😉

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