Guess Who Revealed: Ella Sofia Gordon!

This was a tough one!

Jeff Gordon and his wife Ingrid Vandebosch took their adorable 2-year-old daughter Ella Sofia to the Baby Phat fashion show in NYC. The family of three watched Kimora Lee Simmons and her three children strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Jeff is a professional race car driver and Ingrid is a model and occasional actress.

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  1. melanie1983

    idk she’s gorgeous though! she looks like coco, but i know she’s not lol!

  2. Anonymous

    She looks like Paul McCartney and Heather Mills little girl.

  3. Jeanne

    I’m thinking Ava Dillon or Emmaline Bale? the little girl looks about 3… could it be Jason Priestley’s daughter Ava???

  4. V

    absolutely not Emmaline or Ava, it’s most likely Ella Gordon.

  5. Anonymous

    it’s not Beatrice Mills, not Ava Dillon, not Emmaline Bale, not Ella Gordon, not Ella Rose Wahlberg, not mathilda ledger… but UGH i have no idea who it really is!!!i really tried to do my research before just saying no to all those but i am truly stumped!

  6. Anonymous

    I think it’s Ella Gordon too!

  7. Anonymous

    whoever’s holding her is wearing a jacket that a racecar driver would most certainly wear…

    And her aviator’s jacket is adorable.

  8. alliea

    yes it is ella gordon. the info attached to the file says that it’s jeff gordon, ingrid gordon and “emma” sophia, though I’m sure they ment Ella.

  9. sullymarie

    yep. definitely Ella Gordon.
    she’s adorable.

  10. melanie1983

    i absolutely refuse to believe this! where did that little baby from a few months ago go!?!?

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