Bobbi Kristina To Follow In Mom Whitney Houston’s Footsteps

It looks like Whitney Houston’s daughter is planning on following her mother’s and father’s footsteps with her career choice.

The teenage daughter of music icon Whitney Houston and ex-husband Bobby Brown, was seated in the audience during the second part of the exclusive interview with Houston which aired Tuesday (September 14) on The Oprah Show. Bobbi Kristina spoke briefly to Oprah after her mother’s musical performance.

When asked whether she was planning on pursuing a future in the music industry the 15-year-old replied, “Yeah. I know she hates it, but it’s the plan. It’s my plan. Mine. Yeah.”

Her mother’s success is also a source of pride to her daughter as she said, “Honestly, words can’t explain how proud I am of her, really.”

After going through rough times with her mom, the two have now ended up with a strong relationship. “I’ve been there with her through everything and the whole divorce and talking and whatever, but you know, I stay by her side,” the teen said. “That’s like my best friend you know, that’s like my sister.”

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  • Lioness

    Hopefully not all of her footsteps…

  • whiteny&krissi

    go go Krissi. I knew you had it in you baby girl. trust me you will make it VERY far just be humble and focused 🙂

    you have it all working for you; a nice voice, beauty, GREAT body, a superstar mother and a good musical family. just remember baby. this is a cold cruel world and people will always hate on you but if God is for you then who can be against you??

    i’m already a fan becaue I love your mom dearly so you can be sure of my support. if you ever read this message. please pursue your goals and let God lead you!!

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