Jenny McCarthy Launches Non-Toxic Children’s Line

Jenny McCarthy has partnered with PEM America to launch a brand new line of non-toxic, affordable products for infants and children. The line is set to include affordable, non-toxic infant & juvenile products, including bedding, bath textiles, room décor and newborn gift sets.

The press release from Brand Sense Partners said, “New improvements, such as reversible sets and Aloesoothe™, an innovative, Aloe-enhanced finishing technology, will help to further differentiate TOO GOOD™ from its competitors, while offering some of the best crib sheet options on the market. While some manufacturers have taken thread counts down, TOO GOOD™ will be utilizing higher thread counts and 100% cotton on all crib sheets, mattress pads and other products that are in direct contact with the child. TOO GOOD™ will also strive to bridge the gap between education and fashion. Specific textures, colors and icons will be used to enhance early learning and storytelling, while chic and clutter-free design will allow parents to provide more than one look which will bring continued smiles to parents and children alike.

TOO GOOD™ plans to pretest all raw materials before they reach the manufacturing stage and will test all materials for lead and phthalates.

McCartney’s son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism in 2005 and his symptoms have since subsided do to changes in lifestyle. Some of the changes included eliminating products containing BPA and phthalates, introducing gluten-free foods and participating in incremental vaccinations.

“It was never an option for me to become complacent after my son’s successful recovery,” said McCarthy. “My personal breakthrough inspired me to help all families and individuals find the safest, healthiest and affordable products on the market. PEM America and I are working together to fill the market void in safe, non-toxic products for children, one TOO GOOD™ item at a time.”

McCarthy and PEM unveiled TOO GOOD™ at this year’s ABC Kids Expo on September 15th, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. After an official press conference, select retailers were invited to meet with the team as they showcased initial themes, product designs and packaging concepts.

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  1. Gloria

    It’s great that Jenny is translating her own experience into something that can benefit everyone. We need more safe and natural products available for our kids. We manufacture organic cotton crib mattresses and have taken great care to ensure there is nothing in our products that can harm a baby, but crib mattresses are only the beginning. There’s so much more we have to do to keep our kids safe and healthy. I’m glad to see Jenny has jumped on board that train!

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