Report: Samantha Burke Selling Story & Baby Photos

Samantha Burke, the babymamma of Jude Law’s child, is reportedly planning to speak out about her brief affair with the Cold Mountain actor. In newly released photos, the 24-year-old model and aspiring actress was spotted shopping – amidst a wardrobe change – on Wednesday (Sept. 16).

Burke, who claims she is “far from a gold-digger,” is reportedly planning to sell baby photos and spilling juicy details after the baby girl – Sophia- is born.

The New York Post reports that a source said, “Samantha is getting offers ranging up to $200,000″ for the interview and baby photos.

Baby Sophia is due on October 6, which is the same day Jude begins his Broadway production of Hamlet. The source went on to say, “The irony of the timing for the interview is not lost on her. She will talk openly about her relationship with Jude — and he’s not getting rave reviews” for his behavior. “While Jude has promised to provide for Sophia, Samantha doesn’t feel like his behavior towards her was entirely chivalrous.”

Do you think Samantha should receive money for her story and baby pictures?

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  • Dana

    She really, really disgusts me. I hope no one gives this pathetic woman any more attention. Was there already a DNA test done that positively ID’s him as the father??

  • cat vomit

    she is really big, not her stomach ,just her in general

  • Anna

    She should only sell the photos if Jude is in agreement. It won’t be good for the child if the parents are fighting at the start of his life.

    Jude normally doesn’t sell photos of his children, so he’ll probably won’t like this. She should respect that as he will be paying her plenty of money in child support.

  • Moore

    She should really just move on. He’s already agreed to take care of his child. He honestly owes her nothing beyond that. If this is true, she’ll be using that poor child for the rest of its life.
    Dana, I read that they did have a test done and he is the father.

  • Suzanna

    What a pathetic human being. She is repulsive and disgusting. What Jude Law saw in her, still amazes me. Her body is huge and her head is tiny. She got lucky and got pregnant by a celebrity and of course the appropriate thing to do is to exploit the story, the man, and the poor baby caught in the middle of the storm. Bravo gold-digger. Whoever pays this useless woman any attention is as repulsive and has no morals whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    didn’t also hold a public press conference to ask for her privacy?? and know this? dear lord, this lady is mental. hopefully no one will give her the time of day!

  • Jane

    She is a pathetic nobody looking for money and media attention!

    Go away you loser!

  • Peta

    My only concern is the child. Jude made the decision to lie with this woman, and now he has to face the music. As for her – If Jude was Jude the bartender instead of Jude the actor, she’s have to do what millions of single women with average baby daddies have done & find means of supporting herself that didn’t include selling pics/her story to the highest bidder.

    Jude has legally agreed to support the baby, and it’s a hefty support package at that. I don’t see the need for bringing the media into it any more. I find this whole thing to be distasteful.

  • Shaya

    Usually if you have to claim you’re not a gold digger chances are you are one.

  • anne

    The man is an idiot with the ladies, but at least he seems to be a very decent father. Too bad the new little being about to be born will be raised by this woman.

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