Ricki Lake Heads To Radio Network

Ricki Lake is geared up to join host Mollee Bauer on VoiceAmerica’s Radio Network for Pregnancy.org Live: Before, During & After.

Lake, 40, is widely known as an actress and former talk show host, but is now rising in popularity within the birthing community as an avid education advocate.

Her film The Business Of Being Born was released in 2007 and has since encouraged many expecting parents to become more informed about the various choices available to them in terms of birthing options, midwifery care, natural births and home births.

The radio program will air on VoiceAmerica Thursday, September 24, at 11 am Pacific / 2 p.m. Eastern. Ricki will discuss her new book, movie and social networking website, My Best Birth.

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  • Jenny

    I’m a huge fan of Ricki’s amazing film “The Business of Being Born.” I used a midwife for both my births and was absolutely blown away by the level of respect, informed consent and support I received from my midwives. Go Ricki!

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