Rielle Hunter & Frances Quinn: Jersey Girls

Rielle Hunter was spotted with her 1 1/2-year-old daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter, in sunny New Jersey on Sunday (Sept. 20). Rielle, 45, is an actress and film producer, best known for having had an affair with Democratic Party presidential candidate John Edwards.

According to Andrew Young’s proposed book, Senator John Edwards is the father of baby Frances. The juicy book tells the tale of Young’s long friendship with the Edwards family, his attempt to help Edwards by taking a pregnant Rielle Hunter into his home to live with him and his wife, Cheri, and their three children, and the fallout when the press (and Elizabeth Edwards) caught wind of the plan.

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  • Anonymous

    Andrew Young’s book is still in the proposal stage.

  • Peta

    I always feel for the children in situations like these. She’s very young now, but I can’t imagine it will be a picnic when she’s older and this gets thrown in her face by her peers.

  • Anonymous

    Correction: This cooze is a wannabe actress and videographer. (Anyone who saw her prior “work” knows she has no actual talent.)

    She does love to have her picture plastered around and knows it will only be if she’s photographed with her daughter. Fortunately for her, she’s happy to use her daughter for publicity as well as money. And she really named the child Quinn as in five since she’s Edwards’ fifth child? Why didn’t she just name her lotta for mommy’s winning lottery ticket?

    With all the money she got, she should get a makeover – okay an extreme makeover with lots of plastic surgery. Look at the deep lines above her nose! All those years of cocaine and parties sure have caught up with her! But really, can’t she afford a comb? And how freaky is it to wear both sunglasses and regular glasses on the top of her head at the same time?

    One would think she’d have some shame for what she’s done and go around with a paper bag over her head which would also be a favor for anyone who has to look at her.

  • Susan

    Yeah, Edwards promised her an NYC rooftop wedding with the Dave Matthews Band playing. Cheaters never lie to the mistresses, huh?

  • Penelope

    Peta is right that this little girl will pay for her parents actions. Can’t you just hear the conversations?
    kid: Mommy why did you put my picture all over and tell everyone about my daddy so now they make fun of me?
    mom: I wanted to be famous with lots of money and now I have both.

    kid: Daddy why did you try to hide and deny me?
    dad: I was trying to protect my reputation and my political future and I never wanted you anyway. Besides, your mom is a nutcase!

    I hope someone is socking away loads of money for her therapy bills later.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, she could never be called an “actress” and certainly never a producer. What the heck?

    Does this child never walk? How old is she now? Oh yeah, Lisa Druck needs her own picture in the paper.

    Doesn’t this child ever smile? Oh yeah, what in the world would she have to smile about — look at her mother!

    Does she have a nanny? I’ve never seen Lisa Druck carry a diaper bag, just the very large “baby”. Crazy, crazy, crazy woman.

  • Anonymous

    I really wonder what went through her mind when she got involved with Edwards. I feel no symphathy for neither her nor him. She could’ve picked another man, why did it have to be John Edwards who has an ill wife!

    I do feel sorry for the little girl.

  • Pat

    Just a mother and daughter out for a Sunday stroll on their way home from church? Oops can’t be on they way home because they don’t look like mom was struck by lightning! On second thought, with that hair maybe she was struck. Perhaps she was out scouting wedding locations because she still believes Edwards is going to leave his wife for her. (When the story first broke people who know her called her a fool and boy were they right.)

    Anonymous, I’m sure she can walk but then the photographers could get a shot of her without mom and mom wouldn’t want that. The woman to the right must be the nanny toting the diaper bag, etc. because heaven knows this skank can’t have any friends (and who would want to be photographed with her) so it can only be an employee!

    This woman is not only crazy but is trash to prey on any other woman’s husband much less one with cancer. There is a special place in hell for people like her!

  • Anonymous

    This chick is 45? No way! Is it a typo and she’s really 54? Too many years of being rode hard and put away wet? Of course ugly doesn’t help hide it. She does try to dress like a 22 year old or like a 22 year old would have dressed 5 years ago.

    It says she’s best known for the affair but really she’s only known for it. I understand people wanting to be famous but how desperate to want to be famous for spreading your legs. Her family must be so proud of her. (Can’t you hear the kid some day asking mommy what she did for a living and being told she was a cokehead party girl living off men she scammed and then she hit the jackpot on her back with a rich, famous man she destroyed. Some role model for the girl.) Pathetic!

    • Savannah

      I was shocked by the claim she’s 45, too. 55 maybe seems more like it. Has anyone gotten her birth certificate to check her age?

      She definitely needs a fashion makeover. You’d think someone being paid off with big bucks could get a stylist or even a good personal shopper to show her how to dress for this century and not the last!

  • D.J.

    Torturing Elizabeth must be this whore’s only pleasure in life. The tramp made the choice to have an affair with a married man, get pregnant (probably wasn’t an accident because women her age don’t get knocked up that easily), have the baby, extort money all while feeding the story to the tabloids. Actions have consequences and payback is a witch with a capital B.

  • Anonymous

    Kid looks just like John Edwards! Good thing. The mother is a dog.

  • anne

    The Edwards/Hunter business puts Jude Law’s little adventure in the shade. This whole thing is sick-making: not only the Elizabeth factor, but the fact that Edwards stayed in the presidential race (!) and later was even pushing for an Obama cabinet position (!!). Them’s some *serious* psychological problems. Now . . . what’s this we hear about Hunter planning to move to Wilmington, NC near an Edwards family vacation home?? Gah! I’m going to try real hard not to learn any more about this revolting situation.

  • Anonymous

    This person is not a celebrity. She’s someone who got knocked up by a politician. One of many. Why, exactly, is she on here?

  • Marilyn

    I wish people who write articles about Hunter stop saying she’s an actress! I don’t recall ever seeing her in a movie?

    It’s obvious Hunter is at war with Elizabeth Edwards! You go Elizabeth – don’t give this gold digger a dime because that’s all Hunter was looking for – us a meal ticket for the rest of her lazy life.

  • Anonymous

    The spittin’ image of John Edwards

  • Anonymous

    I would not want to see a disgusting person such as this on this site again. I come here to see celebrities and their cute kids – she is definitely not a celebrity. No more, please.

  • Anonymous

    Ifeel sorry for Elzabeth..but let’s not forget that Rielle-Hunter was not married to Elizabeth!!! It’s that sleazebag John Edwards fault he was cheating.

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