Jenna Elfman Talks Motherhood

Funny mom Jenna Elfman has her hands full with her 2-year-old son Story Elias, a new sitcom and of course a baby on the way! The 37-year-old Accidentally On Purpose star took time out to chat to Cookie magazine about fun family rituals, the challenge of breastfeeding and those long, sleepless nights.

On her son Story’s sense of humor: “He’s actually genuinely funny. He does funny voices and physical comedy.”

On her favorite family ritual: “After dinner, we chase each other around the house, laughing.”

On her most frazzled mom moment: “Trying to learn and master breastfeeding.”

On her current motherhood challenge: “How to get my son to sleep through the night!”

On losing the baby weight the first time around: “Because of the C-section, it was slow going at first. But the breastfeeding really helped burn the pounds off.”

On her own mom’s good advice: “That you can never give a child ‘too much’ love.”

On “coddle vs cry-it-out:” “Coddle. Sorry, but I’m sensitive.”

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