Rob Lowe & Sons At The Emmys

Actor Rob Lowe and his sons Edward Matthew, 16, and John Owen, 14, were looking dapper on the red carpet at last night’s Emmy awards in LA. What a handsome bunch!

Rob told USA Today it was their first trip to the awards show, saying, “We’ve never been to Emmys. Duiring The West Wing era, they were too young to come. This is boys’ night out, and after the show we’re going to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. That’s a tradition.”

During his acceptance speech, award-winner Alec Baldwin joked of the 45-year-old Brothers & Sisters star, who was a presenter, “I’d trade this to look like him.”

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Photo credit: Splash News


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  1. ivy

    rob’s name is spelled wrong in the title

  2. liz tyler

    Thank you very much for making my day!!! LOVED HIM since he was in St
    Elmo’s Fire… We have never seen his sons..>>His movie with Jen Garner
    and Ricky Gervis is coming out Oct 2..The Truth about Lying…Can’t wait
    for Brothers and Sisters to come back… hope that everything works out
    for his marriage…on the show

  3. Jessica

    liz what about The Outsiders? 😉

  4. Jaye

    Wow his boys look just like his wife.

  5. fai-lynn

    rob lowe is so hot!!
    his sons look a lot like him, very handsome young men 😀

  6. Anonymous

    I know the Lowe family personally and the eldest son is MATTHEW EDWARD!

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