Jennifer Garner “Is A Remarkable Mother”

A stunning Jennifer Garner was back on the red carpet at last night’s LA premiere of The Invention of Lying.

The film’s producer Lynda Obst had plenty of praise for Jennifer – not just as an actress, but as a mom, too.

“Most of the time that I did spend with her when it was off-set, Violet was cooking with her, or reading Jane Austen, or doing one of these remarkable things that Violet tends to do,” she tells People. “She encourages her kids to be independent. At the same time, kind of not television watchers. Readers. Thinkers. She is kind of old-fashioned. She is a very classic mom.”

Lynda adds that the two continue to share kid tips, saying, “We talk about really fun things to do with our kids. I will talk about the marching band I just formed with my granddaughter. She will talk about interesting play things she is doing. We swap tips. We talk about theory of parenting. We talk about free play and not interfering with the kids when they’re being creative. She is a remarkable mother.”

However, Jennifer, who also has 9-month-old daughter Seraphina with her husband Ben Affleck, downplayed her parenting skills, insisting she’s just trying to juggle kids and career as best she can.

“Every day, you feel like you are off-balance one way or another,” the movie star mom says. “You just take it one day at a time. Oh gosh, let me know when you figure that out. I don’t think anyone has it.”

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  1. Sophie B

    Wouldn’t a “remarkable Mother who encourages independence” have her almost 4 year old daughter toilet trained and weaned from a pacifier and sippy cup? I love how in Hollywood people who barely know each other, or who know little about children, make these bold statements!
    I am a child development specialist specializing in speech therapy and am saddened by seeing so many children today with pacifiers and held back developmentally still in pull ups at 4 and carried around all day.
    This is not against Jennifer Garner, I do not know her personally, but against a statement like this being put out there and giving people the impression that she knows what she is talking about!

    • emma

      Jen can bring her child up the way that she wonts. wow..

    • Anonymous

      How exactly is a child “held back developmentally” by wearing pull ups? If the child and parent are struggling with potty training what do you suggest? Accidents all over the place – in front of the ridiculous paparazzi – those creeps ? I am sure of 3 things: 1.) You are NOT a child development specialist 2.) Many bright and successful adults took their time with potty training and 3.) There is more than one way to raise a child and still be considered a remarkable mother.

  2. Larryn L

    I don’t understand how someone can be judged to be a remarkable mother when her children are under the age of 5. It’s very unrealistic to me…

  3. Shirilicious

    Gag and Blech! Sometimes this tiresome wholesome image of the Queen of all Hollywood mothers is just nauseating. What would sainty-Saint Mrs. Affleck be if it wasn’t for Violet? A nobody!

  4. Anonymous

    All 4 of my kids had pacifiers until they were 3 1/2 and nobody had any speech problems or developmental delays. I always found the people who were the most “anti-pacifier” had plenty of thumbsuckers living in their houses. Really, who cares? As for Violet in pull-ups – didn’t any of you ever have a child who didn’t hit every milestone exactly on time? Remember how it drove you crazy and kept you up at night? I can’t believe a “child developmental specialist” would lurk around on the internet to make sure the so called “bad moms” are held accountable!

  5. Boston.Girl

    I am surprised to hear that four year old Violet is so advanced that she is reading Jane Austin. That is VERY advanced. So what if she is still in pull-ups… the child is reading at a level higher than most Elementary school kids are.

    “Violet was cooking with her, or reading Jane Austen, or doing one of these remarkable things that Violet tends to do”

    (I think there may be an error in that quote – don’t you?)

  6. Amanda

    Yes because I’m sure at FOUR Violet is reading Jane Austen, kids don’t really learn how to read other than small words untill they are atleast six or so. I also highly doubt Violet is cooking either. Unless she put some butter on toast or something. Believe me that’s not cooking. I just don’t understand how everyone can claim a child that STLL in diapers or pull ups and sucks a pacifer and rides in a stroller is such a genius at age four. I’m not buying it.

    • Anonymous

      Violet was cooking WITH her. Mom was probably doing the “reading”. The point all of you nimrods do not get is that they are doing activities together. Not with a nanny and not waitig for the cook to bring the meal, but doing normal family activities together.

  7. Katrina

    I’m sure the original quote was meant to convey that they read it together, like most families.. parent reads to young child. That being said, um, no not every child can only read small words. I was reading adult books and dean koontz in kindergarten, among thousands of other books. Some people just like to read and can do it from a very early age.

    And really, it isn’t all or nothing. The kids who wet beds at night and are in night diapers aren’t blithering idiots who drool on themselves during the day.

  8. Anonymous

    No one can possibly draw any fair conclusions about these people from the fragmentary information provided by paparazzi photos. The only thing we can really be sure of is that this child will not be 18 and sucking on a pacifier while her mother carries her across the stage to pick up her diploma.

    To switch up the speculation a bit, what if Violet simply likes to play with her baby sister’s things, and that’s why she held a pacifier or a bottle or whatever it was that people honed in on to attack and belittle? As a psych student, I know – and I can’t imagine you don’t, Sophie, given your field – that not only is this typical, but completely normal and even healthy for young children throughout the adjustment period following the arrival of a new infant in the home.

    And as for the pull-ups to preschool, is it not possible that Violet wets herself in her sleep now and then (also a perfectly normal occurrence in a youngster’s life) and therefore her parents send her to school in disposable, protective undergarments to make clean-up after, say, naptime a lot easier and less eventful should the child have an accident?

    We need to give one another a little more grace when we see something that might not seem ‘kosher’ to us. Anyone who’s worked with children can appreciate that they are thoroughly unpredictable and completely unique. While parents – good parents – are resourceful and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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