Oksana Grigorieva’s London Bump

Mel Gibson’s pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was spotted arriving at her London hotel on Tuesday (Sept. 22) after appearing on GMTV to promote her new album.

Mel, 53, who filed for divorce in April (09) from his wife Robyn of 28 years, is expecting his eighth child with Oksana. This will be Oksana’s second child. She is already a mom to 12-year-old Alexander, her son by James Bond star Timothy Dalton.

The 39-year-old musician told contact music she is feeling relaxed about their impending new arrival:

I’ve been a mother for 12 years so there’s no first time mother’s trepidation. Naturally, it’s more relaxed and I’m very dynamic, so the pregnancy falls into my work schedule.” She added that the pregnancy has strengthened her relationship with Mel, “How could I not be impressed by such an intimate connection with a miracle of life. Children are beautiful.”

During her appearance on GMTV, Oksana said that she and Mel have no plans to wed: “Actually we have no plans to marry whatsoever. I haven’t thought about it – we haven’t spoken about it.”

Mel and Oksana are expecting a girl this December.

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  • Anonymous

    She has the same creepy plastic surgery face of Octomom. I love how she calls herself ‘dynamic’. So odd. So grossed out by her.

  • Marilyn

    On People magazine’s website it states she’s due in December. That would be late fall technically (until Dec. 21 or so) but usually you think of December as being winter.

  • Jenny

    Thanks Marilyn – I just updated.

  • open eyes

    wrong she is in her 8th month now and should be due in october.
    Late october was the name, then later on chaged into late fall. I think its an error that kept sneeging form a media to another and just stayed.

    She entered her 4rth month (second trimester) the 5th of may.

    but she doesnt show prengat at all.

    try to see this taken 2 weeks ago:
    doesnt looks like ababy bump ot me but soemthing she got under.

    And here taken that same week as the above at 2 days interval:


    she also seems very nervous and caught uncall..

    all other pics of her are made by “fame Pictures” owned by Boris Nizon, a fellow russian, who she knows personaly and was her bf…
    All that done immediatly after that video waas taken,. in 4 photo sessions in one day, taken at ralphs parking lot, wearing 2 different brown dress.. the oen shwoign flat the other showigh pregy.. and one in a green dress above, with a huge baby bump, and one wiht a red and pink dress shwoign pregy even more.

    Honnestly girls, i think its a fake..

  • Marilyn

    Open Eyes: I always thought she’d have the baby in October or maybe early November but I’m just going by what People said on their website. I really don’t know exactly when she’s due.

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