The Jolie-Pitt Sword Sisters

Adorable! Angelina Jolie was spotted out with three of her six children – Shiloh Nouvel, 3, Zahara Marley, 4 ½, and Pax Thien, 5 ½ – on Wednesday (Sept. 23) in Toulon, France. Zahara was caught sticking out her tongue and Shiloh brought along her sword for the family outing to Toys ‘R Us.

The 34-year-old Goodwill Ambassador and her partner Brad Pitt, 45, are also parents to Maddox Chivan, 8, and 14-month-old twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline.

The Jolie-Pitts have been seen out and about in France over the past few weeks picking out gerbils and getting groceries.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Hannah

    LOL! I wonder if Shiloh will be continue to become a tomboy through the years or if it’s just a phase. And I wonder how her front took got knocked out?! I’m also wondering where the heck are the twins. It’s been too long!

  2. carolyn

    Lol! That is just too cute. I remember Angelina saying in an interview last year that Shiloh was becoming quite a tomboy. Zahara is so pretty. Great pics!

  3. jm

    cute and not cute at the same time, i wish shiloh exposed a girly side, because she is a beauty!

  4. cat vomit

    they dress shiloh like they want her to be a lesbian

  5. Em

    If my daughter was cute as a button like her, I would never dress her like that. But she’s only 3 so like Hannah said… must be a phase or something.

  6. Jenny

    I, for one, find it extremely refreshing to see an A-List mom like Angie embracing her child’s individuality….even when it doesn’t ‘fit the mold.’ Shiloh is adorable!

    • justme

      I completely agree! While I do think that Shiloh would look absolutely adorable in girly clothes, I think it’s great that Brad and Angelina recognize and respect her personality and dress her like the tomboy she seems to be instead of “forcing” her to be girly.

  7. Anonymous

    Shiloh looks exactly like Brad, espcially since she is dressed like a boy!

  8. leah

    yikess not a fan of the outfit one bit! but she still adorable! Z is too precious!

  9. MsB

    Zahara is becoming prettier and prettier while Shiloh get’s more handsome by the day lol

  10. Daniella

    I think she looks adorable! I was a big time tomboy at her age & there was no way my mother could have ever gotten me to stay in a dress or a skirt for more than a few minutes. It looks like she dressed herself, which I loved to do when I was Shiloh’s age, it just shows that she’s got a strong personality & her parents embrace her individuality. Love the sword too!!

    And cat vomit, being a tomboy as a child does not in any way lead to lesbianism, I take offense to that since I was a tomboy just like Shiloh & my tomboyishness in no way whatsoever effected my sexuality.

  11. melanie1983

    these kids are gorgeous!! and yeah shiloh looks cute, but i doubt that’s what she wanted to wear!

  12. Anonymous

    They are all very beautiful children, Shiloh looks so much like Brad 🙂

  13. Anna

    Zahara is so beautiful. The other children look cute too, I liek how they are dressed like they want to be.

  14. ivy

    she’s old enough to decide for herself what she wants to wear. those of you who think it’s wrong for her to dress this way are probably the same people who whine about suri always wearing dresses.

  15. Anonymous

    How come Shiloh always is dressed tomeboy’ish? And Zahara is dressed girly girly? I doubt that its Shiloh’s style, maybe it is NOW. But if you look back at older pictures, Shiloh is always dressed like a tomeboy and Zahara isn’t. And thats when they were younger than this. I think Angelina is afraid that Shiloh might think that she’s the “most beautiful gril ever” and be spoiled when she gets older and affected of the attityd of the society because she is born with the “ideal” look, so she on purpuse makes her “less pretty”. And make Zahara “more pretty” so she will have a good conficence when she gets older and wont feel that she’s less pretty than her sister.

  16. Tracey

    The sword and hat clearly show Shiloh is playing dress-up. It’s not as if Angelina picked these clothes out of her closet. It’s just kids that are playing. I think it’s refreshing to see that these children are obviously allowed to be children, that they’re allowed to play, get dirty, etc.

  17. Kati

    OMG! Those three Jolie-Pitt children are all soooo adorable! I think that Shiloh is looking more and more like her dad. She is just going through a tomboy phase right now and there nothing wrong with it. Zahara looks so beautiful in those baggy ttrousers and white top. She truly is a girly girl. And Pax! He looks so handsome. It´s sute that both he and Shi both havre lost their front teeth at the same time. They look so adorable. They sure had a blast with their mum at Toys R Us. Maybe they bought something for Mad, Knox and Viv too. Miss those three too. Especially Knox and Viv. They sure have grown a lot since January when we last saw them at Narita Airport in Japan. After all they´re now 14 months old. Knox sure is a spitting image of his dad and Viv a spitting image of her mum.

  18. Anonymous

    Shiloh hasn’t dressed herself

  19. Leya

    Brad or Angie- not sure which one- said that Shi is crazy about their big bro Maddox and likes wearing his clothes. And also she likes being called John, I guess. On the other hand Z is a true girly girl. I would rather see them dressing up like this because it shows their parents trully embrace their personalities, which is terrific. How could anybody think that seriously that Shilloh is forced to wear a sword while going shopping….it is much more comfortable even for a girl to play in clothes like Shi’s.

  20. Anonymous

    They kids are always dressed terribly! They look like little refugees!

  21. Francesca

    What a priceless photo! Love this family!

  22. Anonymous

    Siloh is only three years old and I’m wondering if the parents are encouraging her to be a tomboy.

  23. Graziella

    Congrats Angelina!

    Your kids are so adorables… They makes me reminder my childhood, i used to love play with diferent clothes and my fatansy world was wonderfull! like seems to your kids!

    P.s I am brazilian and i cant write english veru well!

    This kids ARE KIDS! She doesnt need to make them for the media! They lived to be HAPPY!

    Kids needs to play…

  24. Anonymous

    They dress these kids like slobs!

  25. Lioness

    I think they all look fabulous 🙂 I love Zahara’s skirt and Shiloh’s hat is just adorable. And Pax is growing into quite the handsome young man. What does someone’s beauty have to do with the clothes they wear? A person looks like him/herself with or without clothes. I don’t know their family, but it seems perfectly reasonable that Shiloh prefers clothes more traditionally worn by boys. What if it isn’t a phase and she never grows out of being a tomboy? That won’t make her beauty a waste, as some of you are implying- nor will it make her a lesbian (and even if she turns to be, who really cares?), and it certainly doesn’t make Angie a bad mother. @Jenny, I agree with you 100%

  26. Ana

    OMG. Look at these comments…

    I was a tomboy when I was a child. I used to have more fun with plastic cars than with dolls. It doesn´t mean anything. Why every girl need to be girly? Who sad that being a tomboy is a negative thing???
    You´re limited! Open your minds!

    All the kids look gorgeus and also mamma Jolie.

  27. Ana

    OMG. Look at these comments…

    I was a tomboy when I was a child. I used to have more fun with plastic cars than with dolls. It doesn´t mean anything. Why every girl need to be girly? Who sad that being a tomboy is a negative thing???
    You´re being limited! Open your minds!

    All the kids look gorgeus and also mamma Jolie.

  28. Traveler

    It looks like the children dressed themselves that morning. Zahara is wearing rain boots with her dress. LOL

    I think it’s perfectly fine to let your kids wear whatever they want. It’s obvious they spent the day playing and this was just a small excursion. It’s not like they were going to a wedding, church service, etc. They were going to a department store. Why would you waste the effort of fighting all the children to get them into different outfits for a quick trip to the store? The kids look happy and well loved.

  29. Ava

    How ignorant of some women posting here! Dressing up makes a 3-year old a lesbian?! How do you even comment on the sexuality of a toddler. Really, crack open a book or something, the ignorance is amazing.

  30. Cris

    I used to have a sword too ^_^
    I used to be a tomboy when I was a kid jeje, it was so fun play with cars and swords and all that toys of boys
    Means nothing, I absolutely love men =P

  31. Monkey

    Let me add this: What difference would it make if Shiloh did grow up to be a lesbian? Who cares? Certainly not Angelina (who has had many female lovers over the years). People need to stop being so homophobic!

  32. Katrina

    Anyone who thinks kids don’t have an opinion about their clothes at 3 and 4 either don’t have kids or just ignore the personalities of their kids. My daughter is 1 1/2 and I can tell you right now she prefers dresses to anything else. She loves all clothes, but if you let her have at a pile of laundry she picks each dress out and puts them all on at the same time. Kids aren’t mindless drones.

  33. Anon1

    hese Jolie – Pitt kids am sorry to say seem dirty and unkempt. I do not like judging fellow parents but I think Angelina and Brad are to self centered to have all those kids and look after them so well. I do not care for Shiloh’s not so conventional look, she seems like one who is always in the peter pan fantasy world. I wonder how they will all turn. The prognosis is not that good.

  34. testguy

    While I agree with Jenny, I wouldn’t want to be around these kids when they become young adults. They’ll be like a huge multicultural gang of spoiled pollyannas.

  35. Allegrah

    I come to this website every day for more than 1 year and I never posted a comment but today i feel that’s impossible not express my feelings.
    It’s amazing how some people can judge parents and children the way some people do. Children are not well dressed, they will be gay, they don’t have a shower, blah, blah, blah. Are you soooo perfect??? I would love to know the story of your lives and your children….It’s so easy to use a website to put all your frustations out. I’m from an european country, but I think this is not a question of different cultures- it’s about character.
    I think I’m going to stop reading the comments. It makes feel sick and with a bad idea of human kind.

  36. cat vomit

    im not homophobic i love the gays

  37. meli

    it’s ok to let children express their individuality
    but come on, the little girl, is carrying a SWORD
    we’re not talking about suri’s high heels,
    but kids needs structures, there are limits

    it’s ok if shiloh wants to wear pants, but when your little GIRL wants to carry a sword… that’s just wrong

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