Happy 4th Birthday David Banda Ritchie!

Name: David Banda Ritchie

Date of Birth: September 24, 2005

Parents: Madonna Ciccone & Guy Ritchie

Siblings: Lourdes (10/96), Rocco (08/00) & Mercy James (01/06)

– Madonna began the controversial process to adopt David on October 10, 2006 – it was finalized May 28, 2008
– His full name, along with previous surname, is David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie

Quote from Parent:
“There is just a lot of bureaucracy and administration and papers that have to be gone through. [David’s] adoption was the beginning of the creation of adoption law in Malawi. I’m the template, a role model for the future…I went to Malawi thinking I was going to save children’s lives and make a big difference in their lives, and hopefully I have. The surprise to me was how much they changed me.” – Madonna on adopting David from Malawi.

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Mercy’s d.o.b is January 22, 2006 according to her adoption records.

Happy Birthday David! Cute boy.


Thank you! I was having trouble finding the exact date & had to estimate based on age. I will change it.