Jessica Alba: Honor Is Bilingual – Almost!

Jessica Alba attended the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City on Thursday (Sept. 24) to promote global education for all children, and told PEOPLE that she encourages education at home with her adorable 1-year-old daughter Honor Marie.

“I am a mother who shoves information down her throat, poor thing,” the 28-year-old Fantastic Four actress said. “I sing her songs about colors in Spanish and English when I’m cooking. Literally I integrate learning into everything I do. We’re into colors because I feel that’s something a 15-month-old can sort of identify. So now she kind of points to blue and says ‘azul’ and I say ‘Yes, azul, muy bien!’ It’s slow going but she’s sort of picking it up.”

The Dark Angel star said that Honor is bilingual – almost. “She says gato for cat. Pato for duck, but dog is dog. She doesn’t say perro. She kind of flips back and forth. She’s very silly. She growls like a lion whenever I say leon.”

Alba announced that she will be the United States co-chair of 1GOAL, the new campaign to make education accessible for all children in time for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

She hopes to bring Honor to Africa for the first time early next year. “I’m actually really excited about going to Africa for the first time with my daughter and exposing her to a completely different culture and having her learn through life experiences,” Alba explained. “That’s one thing she’s going to get that not a lot of children have the luxury of having: traveling and being exposed to world issues and cultures and food. I can’t wait.”

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  • Katrina

    a young child without all of her immunities, much less ANY immunities to foreign sicknesses to africa.. not exactly a good idea in my opinion..

  • Shirilicious

    I always thought Ms. Alba doesn’t (and can’t) speak Spanish. Wasn’t this part of her whole “I am not a Latina”-persona?

    • Anonymous

      I 2nd that Shirilicious! I remember reading the article, in Latina mag, stating she
      “doesn’t know why people refer to her as such”. Same thing with Eva la Rue. Did anyone notice her “involvement” at the ALMA awards? In years past she considered herself “white”. That’s Hollywood for you…F A K E!!

  • deeb2001

    Alba better be careful…Honor will be speaking fluent spanish and she won’t know what the heck she is saying. lol
    I think its great for both, but a little funny considering her comments a while back. Irony!!

  • Moore

    Her comments awhile back were taken out of context. If you go back and read her follow up she never she wasn’t proud to be latin. She said her grandparents brought them up to be american, to speak english and to be able to fit in to get more opportunities, as I understand it. She didn’t grow up with the culture but wanted her child to be able to. Also, Perez coined the I’m not latina mess.
    That said, I hope it all goes well with her speaking Spanish. I’m thinking french for my child but who knows what will happen when we get there!

  • Lilly

    That’s so cute. I speak spanish to my 6 month old daughter sometimes and I can’t wait to hear talk back to me in spanish!

  • rachel s

    Her little pink shoes are cute!

  • MissFoxy

    There was more than one interview where she talked about NOT being latina. Perez isn’t the only one who points that out..there’s lots of other celebrity sites that do too. This really bothers me cause I DO remember her talking about classifying herself as AMERICAN, NOT latina. She never associated with the latino culture/community until VERY recently, like a year or two ago. She doesn’t even know Spanish so I don’t know how she can say she’s teaching Honor the language when she can’t even speak it herself??

  • Shirilicious

    I don’t mind her classifying herself as American. After all she is born and bred there and her mother is of Swedish (?) heritage and apparently there weren’t much Latin-american cultural influences when she grew up. So what else would she be?
    What bugs me about her is the minute she got epochal bad press because of the way she worded some of her statements she did a 180 degree turn and is now all about “I am the proudest Latina chick in the whole wide world”. I don’t believe for a second that she is teaching her kid Spanish, I really doubt she can speak it. She is so fake.

  • gynpin

    I’m no “Jessica Alba historian,” so I certainly can’t say what she has said in the past or what she might have meant when she said it. However, you must remember that she is very young and growing up as a latina in America is not always easy. Unfortunately, racism is NOT dead!! Her grandmother apparently knew that, which is why she was raised to “act white.” Sometimes, especially when you are young, you cave in to the pressures of society for the purposes of fitting in. It may be, and this is just pure speculation on my part, that if that was the case when Jessica was younger that now that she is older, has a child of her own, and is able to be stronger and accept who she is and actually be proud of her latina roots. For her sake and her family’s sake, I hope so. Everyone should be proud of who they are and where their family originates from.

    America is a melting pot of cultures, one is not greater than the other. If we could ever get to the place of accepting each culture equally and learning from and appreciating our differences this would be such a sweet, sweet place to live!!

    One thing that nobody can argue about is that Jessica is beautiful and her little girl is absolutely adorable. Wishing the best for her as she raises this precious little gift from God!

    Written by a mature white woman, married to a wonderful hispanic man, with a cultural hodge podge of friends. 🙂

  • Meaghan

    Yay for Jessica Alba. I became fluent in Spanish only after learning and practicing it. I am passing on the same skills to my child so that he may have every advantage. Next is French, or maybe Japanese, or even sign language. Regardless of race or ethnicity it is the education that matters. Just my opinion.

  • fuhrer

    If Jessica said something controversial about her heritage, she is correcting it! She doesn’t have to tell us with words, she is doing it with actions!

    if she didn’t speak Spanish sometime ago, then she learned it! You can learn other languages, you know, just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you’re never going to know!

    If she was brought up in only American culture but she wants to bring up her dauther in two diferent cultures she has the right!

  • Jay

    I just Hope that Alba and her husband don’t deny their daughter’s black roots. Let’s not forget that her husband’s father IS a black man.

  • Sandi

    Which means her husband is BLACK and so is her daughter!!!!!!!!!

  • Robdogincali

    I saw her ‘not a Latina’ comments in a Spanish-language daily newspaper. It was reported as fact. On the front page.

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