Katherine Heigl’s Daughter Born With Hole In Heart

Us reports that Katherine Heigl‘s newly adopted daughter was born with a hole in her heart. This could be why Naleigh, 10 months, was classified as a child with special needs.

Baby Naleigh underwent surgery to correct the birth defect at the tender age of two months.

Reports state the Katherine and hubby Josh Kelley underwent the adoption process months ago – which included a 40-page questionnaire on everything from personal backgrounds to parenting philosophies – in order to bring Naleigh home as quickly as possible.

A source close to the couple said they were willing to wait as long as it took to adopt baby Naleigh: “Katie and Josh were aware it could take years, so they were being patient.” The source added, “They are thrilled to have a child in their lives, no matter what the challenges.”

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Photo credit: AP/Cheyenne Ellis

  • GreenEyesFreckles87

    One of my cousins was born with a hole in her heart.

  • Lucia

    If it was corrected, how is it special needs? Likely she will have no lasting effects. I feel like Kathrine was just flaunting it around trying to make it seem like she was taking on such a burden and that she was such a great person for doing it.

  • Traveler

    Perhaps the child needs more surgeries or has another problem. You shouldn’t judged based on a story from US. That rag has been known to make stuff up. If or when Katherine Heigl reveals her daughter’s special need, then everyone can comment.

  • Anna

    She will than be considered special needs by adoption agencies because they have to disclose that information to parents and many parents just want a baby without any known problems, in the past or not.

    She wasn’t flaunting anything, I think they mentioned it because they knew people would be complaining about them going through the process so fast.

  • Holly G

    Anna, you are right.

    Lucia, if your ten month old had surgery to repair a hole in her heart just a few months ago…would you consider her AOK? Naleigh will have to be monitored very closely for a while.

    When you adopt you are given a list of things you are willing to accept or not…down to the most minor thing. You do have the chance to decline the child…no questions asked.

    Katherine and Josh didn’t sell their photos to anyone rather they released photos of Naleigh. She did an interview and that was it. She did it to get everything out in the open and hopefully to have her, Josh’s and Naleigh’s privacy respected instead of the paparazzi following every move and trying to get shots of Naleigh.

  • Anonymous

    Who knows? People jump to assume the most negative scenario possible. Maybe the baby still needs some sort of special care. Who cares anyway?

  • Lucia

    Because revealing to the world that her daughter has special needs will get the the paps to stop following her around. If anything, it will make things worse because they want to try to get pics of her that make her look like she has special needs. They will definitely be worth more to the tabloids. A picture of Suri with a weird look on her face will be worth less money because it is just a child making a funny face. With Naleigh, now the tabloids will post every bad picture they can get their hands on with headlines wondering if Heigl wasn’t telling the whole truth.

    Special needs will be a title that is going to haunt her her entire life. If it IS just a hole in her heart (which God willing it is) she will lead a perfectly normal life, yet will still be haunted by newspapers and probably classmates saying she has special needs.

  • Lilly

    Hopefully they will take good care of this little girl. God Bless her : )

  • Holly G

    What do you think the paparazzi and press would have done if they just thought she was another celebrity breezing through the adoption process? Special needs, in the adoption world, just means that she was able to be put through the system a little quicker so that she could get home and get the care she needed. I really don’t think she will have a problem in school with something like that. It is a heart defect, not a mental problem and it is obvious that she is mentally normal.

    Unfortunately she will be haunted by paprazzi no matter what…whether she was adopted, bio, special needs, no special needs. It comes with being a celebrity.

  • Kelsey

    Oh, whatever. My brother was born with a hole in his heart and he turned out just fine. If the problem was corrected eight months before, how is she still considered a “special needs” case?
    Am I saying that I’m not happy that they did such a gracious and kind act? No. Am I saying that the baby shouldn’t be monitored closely because anything could happen? Of course not. I am saying, however, that I’m pretty sure it was more than “special needs” that got Heigl and Kelley their baby so fast.
    After all, look at how fast Brad and Angelina adopted all their kids. Madonna. What’s THEIR excuses?

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