Gisele Bündchen: We Won’t Find Out Sex Of Baby

Although rumorville speculates that Gisele Bündchen and hubby Tom Brady are expecting a baby boy, Gisele says they don’t know the sex of their first child and they aren’t planning to find out.

According to PEOPLE, the 29-year-old Brazilian beauty doesn’t know if she’ll be shopping for pink or blue booties: “We decided not to know. We will only know when it is born, in December. I want the emotion of finding out then if it is a boy or a girl.”

This hasn’t stopped the supermodel from reserving baby clothes and shoes in case she has a girl. In fact, Gisele has set aside some miniature sized sandals from her Ipanema line. “I kept some little sizes from the collections thinking that, if one day I had a girl, she would love to use them,” she said. “The baby versions are really cute.”

At six months pregnant Gisele shows no sign of slowing down! Along with her sandal line and her latest job as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nation’s Environmental Program, Gisele has been taking flying lessons and expects to get her pilot’s license next month.

Bündchen says she’s been eating “more healthily” since becoming pregnant and mentioned that her husband Tom has been very supportive and all around “marvelous.” The quarterback is about to begin a new season with the New England Patriots and will have his wife close by as the couple recently moved to Boston: “I am going to keep traveling, but my home is in Boston” Gisele said.

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Keep going Gisele and dont mind the haters.


@ above comment – who is hating on here? You’re the only comment so far.
That said I am surprised there aren’t b/c some reason she gets lots of negative comments. She seems cool. Baby will be sweet 🙂 She prob. does know but wants to keep it private. They need something just for themselves!