Katie Holmes: My Clothing Line Is Inspired By Suri

Actress Katie Holmes has just launched her new high-end clothing line Holmes & Yang, with celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang and says all of her inspiration comes from her 3-year-old daughter Suri.

The Sun spoke to the former Dawson’s Creek star about her new venture and the actress couldn’t help but gush about her little lady.

It has been my dream forever to be in fashion and I’m truly inspired by my daughter Suri. She just loves dressing up so I decided to launch this exciting venture with Jeanne.”

Although fashion has now taken a front seat in Katie’s career, don’t expect the brunette beauty to quit acting any time soon. The actress who just finished filming new movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was quick to add:

“This won’t interfere with my first passion – acting. I’ve just finished a movie this summer which I am as proud of as I am this collection.”

Katie and Suri recently joined dad Tom Cruise in Boston, where he’s filming his latest movie, Wichita.

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  1. deeb2001

    Oh no! Not another celebrity clothing line! If the line is anything like she dresses, it will be a disaster.

  2. Anonymous

    I KNOW! I’m waiting for the Jon Gosselin line of men’s undergarments.

  3. sue

    Inspired by Suri ?? I worry about that kid, she’s only 3 and already wears lipstick and high heeled shoes.
    I agree with deeb2001, Katie has no style.

  4. MomE

    Let me start off by saying, I’m the first in line to say give this child and her mother a break…. You remember the issues everyone gave her over not wearing a jacket…?

    But I just have to say, it looks like Suri is wearing heals! If that’s the case…. Holy heck! How totally inappropriate. She’s a child! And that’s really, really bad for her developing feet!

  5. Leya

    It has been my dream forever to be in fashion… that her line. It is quite suprising as she is far from being stylish, she has never been. I always admired her in her Dwason-days. She was such a pretty girl, and very talented.Nowdays..???She looks as if she grew 20 years older within a second, she even lookes older than her husband, and I also find pretty upsetting how little Suri is dressed:she is hardly ever dressed for the weather but now she is not even dressed for her age. She is only three and those shoes are just not healthy for her.

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