Jennifer Garner & Violet: Laughin’ In The Rain

Jennifer Garner was photographed giving her adorable 3-year-old daughter Violet, a piggyback ride in Boston, MA Sunday afternoon (September 27). Little sister, Seraphina, 8 months, wasn’t along on the outing.

The Garner girls are in town while papa Ben Affleck works on his new flick, The Town. Ben is not only starring in the film, he also helped write the screenplay and is directing it.

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Photo credit: Fame / Splash


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  1. carolyn

    Oh, what a picture! Such a sweet & happy mommy-daughter moment.

  2. What the....

    Geez, between those ears and those teeth……

  3. liz tyler

    I can not believe that Violet loves to read Jane Austin Books….the Executive
    producer of The truth about lying said that when she was in Jen’s dressing
    room that Vi was either reading Jane Austin book or cooking with Jen.. They
    are so cute together..

  4. Anonymous

    What do you mean by such a nasty comment against an innocent child? Those are baby teeth which will fall out. Ears can be pinned back in a short surgical procedure. But Violet is beautiful just the way she is anyway. Go take a hike and think about your own physical shortcomings of which there are undoubtedly many.

  5. Punia Tapis

    How Vi is into Jane Austin books..and reading…and that Jen doesn’t let her
    watch tv…Thank you for the photos

  6. Anonymous

    It’s not Garner girls. Violets last name is Affleck and she is not illegitament.

  7. Anonymous

    I love this family! So “normal”. I like Jen’s boots. Do you know who they’re made by? Perfect for this cold wet weather were having here! Thanks

  8. Anonymous

    ‘between those teeth and those ears….” what, are you crazy?!? who cares if her ears stick out…she has long beautiful sunshiney wavy hair to cover them up. and her teeth… she has one of the best smiles i have ever seen, so happy. she’s the true essense of childhood wrapped up in a little ball, i love it.

    don’t get me wrong, there are some ugly babies and kids out there, but she is NOT one of them. people are crazy.

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