Marcia Gay Harden’s Daughter: I Love Trapeze

The eldest daughter of Marcia Gay Harden and Thaddaeus Scheel is growing up fast! Eulala, 11, not only stars in Drew Barrymore‘s upcoming flick Whip It, she’s also discovered a unique passion.

“I do trapeze,” the young beauty tells OK! during the Toronto International Film Festival.

“One day, for my tenth birthday, my mom took me to a – oh whatchamacall it – like a tryout class almost – and I went and fell in love with it immediately. Ever since, I’ve been taking classes on Thursdays,” Eulala says.

Marcia says she is completely supportive of her daughter’s new found interest, in fact she loves it! “When you see her up there, her shape and her form, and what she’s doing … I feel she’s safe and makes the right decisions,” Marcia says. “I love it!”

Eulala, on the other hand, She says her mother gets quite nervous about the whole ordeal.

“My mom’s deathly afraid of heights, or so she says, so she’s always like [imitates] ‘oh my gosh, she’s going up the ladder, she’s gonna fall.’ I’m just like ‘mom, chill.’ I would never say that to her, but I’m thinking it.”

Whip It is directed by Drew Barrymore and will be out in theaters this Friday (October 2).

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  1. Supportive parents awesome! I’m really sad I missed Tiff I keep hearing it was great times.

  2. Pika

    That is a gorgeous young lady….can’t wait to see Whip It!

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