Heidi Klum: “Maybe Today Is The Day”

Spotted again out and about this weekend, an expectant Heidi Klum and her hubby Seal were spotted getting some coffee in Beverly Hills on Sunday (October 4).

A very pregnant Heidi recently interviewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said she is more than ready to welcome her fourth child. “Maybe today is the day,” she said. “I’d be happy with that, you know, because at the end you’re like…’Come on, already!’”

Heidi and Seal’s fourth child – a girl! – is due in mid-October and could arrive at any time. “Maybe a week, maybe two weeks…the boys were a week late and [5-year-old daughter] Leni was a week early,” the 36-year-old Project Runway host shared.

When do you think Heidi will give birth to Baby No. 4?

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com


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  1. Anonymous

    Seal has long fingernails and he is wearing nail polish! Yuck!

  2. Kylie

    I think Heidi will give birth in the next week or so. In the pictures yesterday, she definitely looked ready to give birth.

    I can’t wait to hear Baby Girl Samuels’ name!

  3. Anonymous

    Seal’s fingernails are disgusting!

  4. Cathy

    Maybe he has long fingernails because he plays guitar?

  5. Sam

    Cathy could be right, however, yeah it does look pretty tacky!

  6. MissSushi

    some men just like long nails and some paint them. ive known a ton who do. i think its pretty hideous myself, but i dont like long nails on females either

  7. cat vomit

    those nails are freaky!

  8. Ally

    Um that’s very unattractive..considering the fact that your a husband of a super model

  9. Janie

    I do not like long fingernails on women.

    Long fingernails on men are just plain creepy!

  10. Anonymous

    ever think his kids painted his nails for fun? jeez lol

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