Jennifer Garner & Her Gorgeous Girls

Jennifer Garner and her adorable daughters were spotted out for a morning stroll in Boston today. The hands-on mom snuggled her youngest daughter Seraphina, 8 1/2 months, in her carrier while big sister Violet, 3, skipped happily along beside them.

In a recent interview with Parade magazine, the star of The Invention of Lying talked about her hopes for her daughters:

It’s so important to me that they grow up with a healthy self-esteem, confidence and knowing just where to kick if they need to! You want to set the best example you can for them in every way. You want them to grow up and be proud of you.”

Jen and the girls have often been seen out and about in Massachusetts where dad Ben Affleck is busy directing and acting in the new film The Town.

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Photo credit: Splash News

  • Anonymous

    Why take such beautiful pictures and spread malicious unfounded gossip and crap on them? Ben is extremely busy shooting his film which is is- get ready – producing, directing, writing AND acting in! WHich is very different than just acting in a movie for crissakes. Yes, on the weekends they are filming too! WHen he gets done in post production he will have time to take a walk! AND take a breath!

  • Jane

    These are the most gorgeous girls in Hollywood. Such a beautiful down to earth family – love them!

    To BenMIA – you need to get a life! You seem very jealous to me!

  • Anonymous

    I saw the Invention of Lying this weekend – and Jen was really beautiful in it. I recommend it. She was pregnant with the little one in it and I really looked but couldn’t tell….

  • Jane

    Ben is filming almost everyday, I believe his only day off is Monday, and yes he is wearing three different hats with this film, give him a break.
    These pictures are beautiful and they all look absolutely happy, you can’t help but smile loooking at these pics. Thanks, you made my Sunday!!

  • Anonymous

    They are all beautiful and happy! So nice to see this!

  • ingrid

    Ben is working! Heard the filming schedule is like from 6am-8pm. Wow! What a long day.

    I am sure if Ben annouced that he was shutting down production to go take a walk, he would be branded a “diva”.

    Ben goes home everynight. I am sure he spends every possible minute he can with his family. Just because we don’t see a picture doesn’t mean he isn’t with them.

  • Anonymous

    These are 2 of the most cutest girls I have ever seen!

  • ivy

    Anonymous #1, it’s for ‘christs sake’…..’crissakes’ isnt a word, lol!!

  • Anonymous#1

    Yeah, I know, but some people take offense at using Christ

  • Anonymous

    Normally I hate it when the paparazzi stalks this family but these pics are so touching I have to forgive them this time. OMG they should send the Afflecks copies of these, especially the one where they are all smiling. Beyond adorable. I want a copy of the single one of Violet. She is stunningly beautiful. Ben will have a hard time when they start dating. Rots of ruck Mr. Affleck. lol

  • Anonymous

    These are the cutest celebrity baby photos I have ever seen!

  • Anonymous

    BenMia is full of it and yes, sounds jealous. As the second poster said, Ben is very busy with his new movie. His time with the family would be in the evenings. Do you think Jen would even be in Boston if thing weren’t great between them?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, why are the posts about this family ALWAYS mislabeled as being in Boston? They’re NOT in Boston, they’re in Cambridge, which you can tell from the picture with the Steinert for School Committee poster in the background (past posts have also regularly shown stores or street signs that indicate they are in Cambridge, not Boston). Cambridge and Boston are two different cities. Ben’s family lives in Cambridge, which is presumably why they are there, not in Boston. Why is this never correct on this blog?

  • Chris X

    Do I see the begiinning of dimples on the littel one in that first picture?

  • Jane

    You really scored on these pics, there is another set of pictures taken by another photo agency and they are crap compared to these. So beautiful, the first one and the one with Sera smiling with her hands in the air are so precious.

  • Anonymous

    the two girls are so cutie. realy sweetie.

  • Sophia

    In the first photo they all look so happy and perfect; it looks like an ad!
    The Garner-Afflecks always seem like such a down-to-earth, loving family.
    Makes me happy 🙂

  • Jeannie

    Seraphina’s hair color is so pretty. And Violet’s face is really changing. She’s always been beautiful, but her beauty is different now that she’s a little girl and not a toddler, if you get what I mean.

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