Tom Cruise & Family: Cruisin’ Around Boston

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted heading to lunch at Charley’s Saloon in Boston with two of the three Cruise children – Tom’s 14-year-old son Connor and TomKat’s 3-year-old daughter Suri – on Sunday (October 4). Big sister Isabella, 16, was not with the foursome.

After lunch, Tom, Katie and Connor were spotted going for a jog through the streets of Boston.

The Holmes-Cruises have brought much excitement to the New England city while Tom films his upcoming action comedy, Wichita costarring Cameron Diaz.

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  1. Anonymous

    Katie looks like she just rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark!

    Why does she wear that terrible hat all of the time? It is not cold in Boston today!

  2. Ally

    I dread the onset of fall and winter, because each year this poor kid (Suri) is NEVER dressed appropriately. The parents are bundled up to the Nth degree and this kid has bare legs and a short sleeved top on, at most a cardigan sweater. Never seen the kid in a hat or mittens. Is that part of the Scientology deal? Toughen the kids up by letting them freeze for the first 5 years? It’s Boston in October, folks. It’s cold. Put a coat and socks on the kid for God’s sake.

  3. Anonymous

    Entirely too much fuss is being made over this child.

  4. Dana

    I can’t imagine not being able to walk outside without all the stares…ugh. With that being said, Katie looks like ths life has been sucked right out of her!

  5. Janice

    I live in Boston guys its freezing cold, I also have a 2 year old son and he leaves the house wearing his coat & hat, there is no way Katie should be carrying Suri’s coat, I just wish they would dress her according to the weather, the whole time they have been here i havent seen her dressed accordingly and it really pains me to see kids in weather without the proper attire, and to the comment about her having a cardigan on would you have your child in just a cardigan in 50 degree weather???

  6. Anonymous

    Poor Katie! What happened to her?

    She was so beautiful and full of life!

    Such a shame she has turned into a lifeless nothing!

  7. Susan

    Suri is 3 and a half years old now. She is definitely old enough to speak up and tell her parents if she is cold. Katie is carrying a heavy coat and Tom is carrying a blanket. I’m sure if she was cold she would tell them. You can’t force a child to wear a coat if they don’t want to wear one. Suri is wearing leggings and a cardigan. It mustn’t be too freezing because Katie’s legs are completely bare and the woman walking behind them with the black bag slung over her shoulder is wearing a half sleeve shirt…..

    I’m not a fan of this family but I do think people tend to be overly critical of them.

  8. Peta

    Since everyone else covered the lack of warm coverings on Suri, I will focus on her outfit. I like her dress; I’ve always preferred it when they dress her in casual clothes for every day outings. It makes more sense to me than satin dresses and Mary-Janes for trips to the playground.

  9. Trudi

    Connor looks really good – he lost a lot of weight.

  10. Tracey

    It keeps surprising me how this kid has got so many different pairs of shoes, yet her shoes all always mismatched with the rest of the clothes she’s wearing.

  11. Sol

    I love this family! And I usually love Suri’s dresses, but I really think those shoes could damage her little feet’s growing properly.

  12. Bella Cullen

    suri is gorgeous and so glad to see a little girl dress like a little girl. If people want a little boy they should adopt one.

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