Jonny Lee Miller & Sienna Miller: Strollin’ With Buster

It’s Miller time! Broadway costars Sienna Miller and Jonny Lee Miller were spotted on a stroll with Jonny’s 10-month-old son Buster in New York City on Monday (October 5). Sienna also brought along her dog for the walk. The Millers’ are currently starring in the Broadway production of After Miss Julie.

Buster is the first child for the 36-year-old Eli Stone star and his wife, actress/model Michele Hicks.

Jonny and Buster were just spotted with new dad Jude Law, who was once engaged to Sienna.

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  1. Danielle

    Sienna’s dog looks like the one Jude gave her when she lived in England I wonder, thought dogs had to do 6mths quarrentine. :S

  2. Theresa

    If I was Jonny’s wife Michele I wouldn’t let those two alone even with the baby…Sienna is a walking home wrecker who is addicted to unavailable men and a bad actress…but just my humble opinion!

  3. Janie

    Theresa, I totally agree with you.

    Sienna Miller is a terrible, terrible person. She is a homewrecker and a horrible actress.

    I would not waste my money on any play or movie she is in!

  4. Shaya

    What a cutie. Michele watch out for Sienna. 😉

  5. Anonymous

    Attention all Married Women in NYC – watch out for your husbands!

    Sienna Miller is in town!

  6. jane

    He is a very cute guy.

    His wife better be very, very careful about how friendly Jonny becomes with Sienna Miller!

  7. Theresa

    Looks like we all understand her…now if all the married men in the world would get a clue…and in my opinion…she’s not ven that pretty!

    • Anonymous

      Yep, true butl cheating is never about pretty it seems. I often notice the ‘mistresses’ are not nearly as cute as the wives. Sienna is plain as can be.
      Her record of chasing married men is revolting and I think her career has tanked a bit b/c she basically alienated half her audience. I do not know one woman who thinks she’s worth watching.Sienna is just amoral.

  8. keepher-kat

    You sound ridiculous, she doesn’t rape them!!!!!!!!! Does she????????????????????????????

  9. mirdeb

    Sienna your reputation proceeds you….

  10. Danielle

    Agree keepher-Kat, the men are the worse because their the ones who should say no I’m married. Anyhoo as far as I know she has only been with one married man and I think him and his wife had seperated, we can never be too sure of the ins and outs were only reading the paps version

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