Max Armstrong Takes To The Skies

Max Armstrong is a flying baby! A new photo of the adorable 4-month-old son of Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen has been shared on Twitter. Max shared the following message, “Yo. Flying up to nyc w/ mom and dad. They got some art event tonight. I have another event that rhymes with art.” Ha, ha, I get it!

What a little computer whiz! Max has also shared a picture chillin’ in the hot tub with dad and his siblings as well as an adorable shot of him bathing in the sink.

So what do you think? Are Max’s Tweets adorable or getting old?

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Why is a family of three, with the only child a babe in arms, traveling by private jet?

  • ivy

    because they’re rich

  • cat

    Anonymous: Why is that any of your business?

  • Shirilicious

    No, Lance’s …, sorry, Max’s tweets are neither adorable, nor funny, nor remotely interesting.

  • carolyn

    He’s a cutie! But yeah, the Tweets are starting to wear thin…

  • Anonymous

    It’s totally CHEESY and corny just like Armstrong. I’m shocked he’s still with babymama! I see him in Austin a lot and he hits on random girls relentlessly and sends his ‘people’ to bring them over. So gross. There’s nothing likable about Lance.

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