Dr. Phil: I’m Going To Be A Grandpa!

Dr. Phil McGraw made a big announcement on his show today (October 6), People reports. The TV doc brought his family onstage to announce that his 30-year-old son Jay and his wife, Erica McGraw, 31, have a baby on the way! This will make Dr. Phil and his wife Robin first-time grandparents.

Dr. Phil says he got the exciting news during a recent trip to Europe.

We were actually vacationing with the whole family and were in Elba, Italy. Jay and Erica had discreetly gotten several home pregnancy tests the day before in France, and they sat us all down in Elba and said they had some exciting news! ‘We are pregnant!'” The good doc went on to say, “The day before Robin had said to me, ‘I just get the feeling that Erica is pregnant.’ I swear she is some kind of mind-reader, but I guess women know these things.”

The 59-year-old Grandpa-to-be couldn’t be happier about the news: “I was stunned and thrilled. I did not see it coming at all.” Phil’s gorgeous wife Robin said she can’t wait to be a grandmother. “This is my dream come true! I have lived to be a grandmother, and now I am. Phillip will be putty in this child’s little hands!”

The good doc gives Jay and Erica the parenting stamp-of-approval: “I think Jay and Erica were totally ready and will make the best parents a child could ever want. I plan to be the typical doting grandfather that gets to do all the fun stuff and none of the tough stuff.”

Phil, Robin, Jay and Erica were photographed above at the Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Erica, formerly known as Erica Dahm, is an identical triplet who posed in the December 1998 issue of Playboy magazine with her sisters.

Congratulations to the McGraw family!

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  • Anonymous

    His daughter-in-law looks like a stripper!

  • Anonymous

    She is a former playmate!

    Dr. Phil must be so proud to have her as a daughter in law!

  • Anonymous

    Robin looks like she has had a lot of plastic surgery and some nips and tucks!

  • Anonymous

    Robin can barely move her face because she has had so much “work” done

  • cat vomit


  • janie

    these women look so fake!

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad when someone gets so much plastic surgery they are unrecognizable.. it’s more mental than anything. Dr. Phil’s catchphrase ‘Time to Git REAL!” would be great for Robin to listen to. BTW.. he’s not a real doctor. Kinda ridic.

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean he’s not a MEDICAL doctor?? You do know that a Dr. doesn’t just consist of a M.D, right?? And umm..who is not recognizable?? I think it’s clear that you recognize everyone in the picture!

      It’s called Botox people..not plastic surgery!! lol

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Did anyone ever hear the phrase ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all?” You sound like a bunch of immature children! Haters much??

    Congrats to the doc and his family! He has a BEAUTIFUL family btw..

  • Anonymous

    Erica’s other two sisters are pregnant too:

  • Anonymous

    Just saw the ultrasound pic’s~it’s totally a BOY!!!CONGRATS!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…nasty people. Did someone pee in your cheerios this morning or should we just get you a saucer of milk for all the catty people (meow). The girls look beautiful. That’s because they eat right and take are of themselves. Dr. Phil has a beautiful family and the picture proves it. Jay, Erica, Robin and Dr. Phil congrats on your new baby to be and grandparents to be. Enjoy every minute they grow up so fast.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, why do you find it so necessary to put people down? Seems like you have too much time on your hands and equally too much envy in your heart. I bet you subscribe to PLAYBOY if you are a guy, and if you are a female, I bet you fantasize about being a stripper (or perhaps your man does when he is with you)

    • Anonymous

      HAHA!! Why would any self-respecting woman fantasize about being a stripper?? It’s a completely degrading job! It’s not like being a fashion model, or an actress. Strippers take their clothes off for drunk men. That’s not glamorous. I went to high school with a girl who became a stripper. She was so miserable and filled with such self-loathing that she killed herself. Do you envy that?

  • Anonymous

    His daughter-in-law looks like a prostitute and his wife looks like she’s wearing a mask. Lovely.

  • Jan

    When is your grand daughter due?

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to the whole Magraw family..and yep!Robin`s right ,rekon this little one will have grandpa Phill ,TOTALLY WRAPPED around his/her finger!(and rightly so..any baby is a blessing!)….
    Great news from the good dr..and yes ,he IS a dr ,of Psycology..or don`t you read the dictionarys..or his tv programme!
    Good luck to Jay and erica..so what if her past has some hiccups..don`t YOU have any hidden skeletons in YOUR closet?!pleease..just be happy for them!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats doc and fam! Peeps who can’t say anything complimentary, keep your opinions to yourselves.

    • Wendy Ouellette

      Congratulations to Erica and Jay! I watch Dr. Phil everyday and I know they are going to be the best grandparents.I watch constantly and waiting for you to have your baby but I think you are the last one to have yours as i recall.I watchec the Doctors when they did the ultrasound.Do you have a name picked out? I wrote one of these comments but i did not push save so i dont know if you will get it so if you get 2 you will know what happened.You told the family on my Birthday October6th.She will be a sweet baby and I know you must be getting so excited to deliver.I know I keep checking.You are so lucky to have Robin as a mother in law.She is a good friend to you i am sure.I know she will be just so excited when she gets the call that you are on the way to the hospital.Poor Dr.Phil Robin will chatter his ear off till the delivery.LOL I wish I could have the opportunity to talk to him about my son keeping my grandchild away from me.I dont know how to handle it.Maybe he could have a show on it.Well Erica good luck and God Bless you and Jay.Ok well i will be waiting.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve gone off Dr Phil, he’s a hypocrite. Here he is telling everyone how to live their lives and his son goes and marries a playboy centrefold. Poor kid will one day get to see her mom’s (enhanced) boobs (and everything else) in a grubby magazine with her aunties. Explain that one Dr Phil. Yes we may all have skeletons in our closet but at least they are not there for the world to see!

  • michelle applegate

    There is an old saying that goes like this—- good people sometimes make poor choices throught life. Even if she did pose for playboy, that WILL NOT make her a terrible mother. Everyone who dogs this young couple during what SHOULD be a very happy, exciting, and extremely special times in all there lives need to get a REAL life!!! Come on for peet sakes there only pictures, that will be so out dated by the time the children would be at the age were the issue may arise it will have been forgotten. Obviously ERIKA wanted to change her ways, and with JAY’S dad a physcologist whom better to help the young couple. CONGRADULATIONS TO THE WHOLE McGRAW FAMILY!!!!!!!!

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