Elton John’s Adoption Plans Face Another Hurdle

Sir Elton John‘s plan to adopt baby Lev has hit a further roadblock after a woman claiming to be his mother insisted “I will not give my baby away,” daily mail reports.

The woman claiming to be Lev’s biological mother, Marina Timoshenko, 25, has reportedly only seen her son once since he was taken into care in May due to her alleged alcoholism. Reports claim that she hopes to regain custody of her son again after overcoming her addictions.

I will not give my baby away to Elton John for any money.” Marina stated. “Lev is a mummy’s boy. He needs em and I have not given up my rights over him. I want to talk to Elton. I want to tell him how much I love Lev. I’m going to overcome my problems. I so much want my babies back.”

The 62-year-old Crocodile Rock singer and his partner David Furnish publicly discussed their hopes to adopt Lev, 15 months, last month after they met the tot at an orphanage in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Reportedly, Lev’s mother has not given up her parental rights, so Lev is not a potential candidate for adoption. Marina, who is HIV positive and separated from Lev’s father, admits she turned to alcohol after experiencing financial problems. Ukrainian social services removed Lev and his brother Artyom, 3, from her home and placed them into care.

Lev’s father Sergey, 31, who served eight years in prison after strangling a 14-year-old girl and leaving her to die in a Russian lake, also stated his disapproval of Elton’s plans: “I don’t want Elton to take my boys. I won’t let Elton take Marina and the children to Britain and be their guardian.”

Where do you think Lev should go? Elton and David or stay in the orphanage until biological mum has overcome her addictions?

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  1. Ghea

    I can understand why the parents don’t want to give up their parental rights but I also believe that their child (hopefully also his older brother) would be better off with Elton than in orphanage. Therefore I believe that parents should allow Lev to be moved to Britain with one condition and that would be to have visition rights. If Elton and his partner really want to have Lev they can help him to have contact to his biologigal parents if they are not ready to do that Lev might be better where he is.

  2. Anonymous

    Those are some freakin awful people.

  3. Theresa

    I’m all for open adoption when circumstances allow…but it sounds to me as if the boys would be better off far away from their murdering father (8 years for killing a 14 year old…yikes! what about life in prision!) as for the mother I am all for rehab and another chance but considering she and an alcoholic with HIV I would hope she would scafice her happiness for her children’s and allow them to be adopted and given a home and love…instead of waiting in an orphanage for her to get her act together…maybe I sound harsh…but it’s my honest opinion that the boys deserve better…

    As it is…I doubt even with Elton’s celeb status and money he will ever be allowed to adopt the boys.

  4. Anonymous

    Of course “loving relatives” always seem to come out once a celebrity with wealth expresses interest in a child. Had the celebrity never stepped in, the child would be left institutionalized until they reached adulthood at which point they would be dumped onto the streets to fend for themselves.

  5. Moore

    I think the mom and her children should work out an arrangement with Elton and they should all become a family. Yep. She has a problem, he can afford to care for her. He wants a family and Lev would be included in it. Of course mom would have to work for this as well if she intends to be with her son. There could be a condition where if she relapses or if the father comes into the child’s life with no supervision then the deal is over. Work it out, Elton!

  6. Anonymous

    Who in his right mind would adopt a baby to a 62-year-old homosexual couple? No Kidding

  7. Mig

    Well, considering that the mother has not relinquished her parental rights and that the baby is not considered “up for adoption,” then the baby needs to stay in the orphanage for now. If the mother is trying to work out her problem, and everything is in place for her to do so, then outsiders shouldn’t interfere.

    I think that if Elton and David want to adopt a child, then they should find one that is eligible for adoption and whose agency is willing to adopt to a homosexual couple where one of the parents is 62 years old. This would dramatically minimize the number of problems they would have to overcome, and would provide a home for a child in need.

  8. Sophia

    The statistics on children who are left too long in orphanages are horrible, truly heartbreaking. Even in the good orphanages, particularly in easter Europe and other poor countries, children aren’t given the opportunities to bond with one or two individuals, they’re not held enough, not talked to enough, and not made to feel special. It affects everything from brain size to emotional development, and it’s a fallacy that young children will snap out of it. Kids who are neglected at 3 months old suffer life-long psychological consequences, by mid-toddler years most of the damage is irreversible. To use an orphanage as some kind of long term babysitting service while you get your act together is arguably better than keeping them in those circumstances, but for the sake of the child getting them a stable, loving home with whoever is capable and loving enough to do so should be everyone’s priority.

    Having said that I don’t think anyone wants to live in a world where babies are distributed away from poor parents to wealthier individuals. It’s a tough situation, but if the mother can’t pull herself together quickly and permanently she should love him enough to let him go.

  9. Lioness

    Ummm…. is anyone actually listening to the girl-strangling father? I mean, does he get a say?

  10. Anonymous

    As long as the biological parents are still alive the child is neither abandoned nor adoptable. Besides the homosexual factor (which should NEVER be allowed to adopt) but he’s also too old to be adopting….

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