Jennifer Hudson: “My Baby Is My Proudest Moment”

New mom Jennifer Hudson has an impressive list of accomplishments including American Idol finalist, Academy Award-winner for Dreamgirls, and a starring role in the blockbuster Sex and the City movie. But one role ranks at the top of the list: mommy to son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., who was just born on Aug. 10. “My baby is my proudest moment,” says the 28-year-old singer and actress. “There are so many things, but of course he comes first.”

Jennifer recently went through an unthinkable tragedy when her mother, brother and nephew were killed just last year. But with her new baby joy and the love and support from fiancé David Otunga, Jennifer is moving forward. She was beaming at an event in New York City to celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz where she opened up to Life & Style about the joy of motherhood.

On absolutely glowing because of being a new, first-time mom: “That’s what it is. They always say you glow when you’re pregnant, but I’m not pregnant anymore and I’m still glowing. I hope that doesn’t go away!”

On what David Jr. is like: “There are no words for it. He’s always looking around, like, “Who are these people and what’s going on here?” I swear he tries to talk.”

On if he might be a performer one day: “He might be. He seems like he’s very interested in music already. The other night he was having a fit and screaming — and as soon as I turned on music, he calmed down. I was exactly the same way when I was a baby.”

On what song helps him relax: “It was actually a song I just recorded. It’s called “Let It Be Me.” I did it with Rod Stewart. David just shut down and got quiet — and gradually fell asleep.”

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  1. I love me some Jennifer Hudson. She is so amazing, and I am 100% for her. People are saying she is overrated. What a lie if I had ever heard one. Jennifer is one of the few artist who have had to earn her keeps. Jen is problemly the most humble and grounded multi-talented artist in the industry today. She is truely a class act. Jennifer let your haters be your motivaters.

  2. Chris Brown

    I love J-hud I believe her child is so cute with his hair she is happy as I can see go J Hud when can we do a duet together????

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