Matthew Broderick & James Wilke’s Walk

Matthew Broderick was photographed walking with his son James Wilke, who turns 7 later this month, to school in New York City on Thursday (October 8). We’re still loving James’ shorter haircut!

The 47-year-old Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star is currently taking some time off work to care for the kids – including 3-month-old twin girls Marion and Tabitha – while mom Sarah Jessica Parker is filming the second Sex and the City flick.

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  • gini

    Finally they get him some pants that are long enough but then they just roll
    them up so they are highwaters….poor kid

  • Amanda

    Anyone ever stop to think James WANTS his pants like that? and thats WHY we’ve saw him in the short pants, and since its cold he cant wear them but rather than cause a fight SJP and Matthew allow him to roll the bottoms up slightly so they are still his style and they way HE likes them?

  • Amanda

    Also those pants look like they would drag the ground they are to long, so rather than ruin his pants by letting them be stepped on and drug around they opted to roll them up a bit. And don’t try and say oh well they should get him the right length pants. That doesn’t always work, I know when I buy pants that fit around the waist they are to long. If I buy the right length then they are to tight around the waist. So those maybe the only kind they can get for James, or it could just be that the little guy wants to express his style and wear them short.

  • Anonymous

    Why do I always read his name as “John Booth Wilkes”, the guy that assassinated Abraham Lincoln. *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious! I was going to comment on the pants situation too! But y’all beat me to it! Honestly…come on SJP….try to keep up with the kids as he grows!

  • Anonymous

    James has such a small frame that I would imagine that sometimes it might be difficult to find the right size of clothing. If you get a smaller size to accomodate a tiny waist, then the length might be too short. His clothing style or lack of doesn’t bother me in the least. I love to see how this family spends quality time together and goes about their business in NYC.

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