Ana Ortiz: “Motherhood Has Changed My Outlook”

It sounds as though motherhood has had a profound impact on Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz.

“It’s changed my outlook on everything,” the new mom tells OK!

Speaking at this week’s Nothing But Nets event at the UN in New York, Ana says that since welcoming her own daughter Paloma Louise in June she feels a responsibility to do what she can to help all children in need.

The Nothing But Nets campaign is aimed at providing mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria in Africa, a cause that Ana is happy to be involved with.

“They’re so vulnerable, these children and especially out there [in Africa],” she says. “Any publicity that we can bring to it is wonderful.”

She adds that being a mom has changed her perspective in a surprising way: “The world seems much larger to me now. That seems weird, because you would think it would become more intimate. But there’s that thing, ‘think globally, act locally,’ and I think this something that’s so easy for everyone to do.”

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Photo credit: Johns PkI / Splash News

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