Jessica Alba’s Café Cutie

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and their gorgeous 1-year-old daughter Honor Marie were spotting leaving The Griddle Café in Los Angeles, Calif. Saturday (October 10).

Honor, who has been showing off her walking skills lately, was snuggled up in her mother’s arms as the trio strolled down the sidewalk.

Earlier this week the mother-daughter duo were spotted out taking advantage of sales at Bel Bambini and Fred Segal.

Jessica, 28, recently gushed about Honor’s borderline bilingual abilities: “She says gato for cat. Pato for duck, but dog is dog. She doesn’t say perro. She kind of flips back and forth. She’s very silly. She growls like a lion whenever I say leon.”

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Photo credit: Fame / Splash


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  1. Lara

    Does Alba talk to her daughter in both languages? Did she ever grapple with how to raise a child bilingual? Children learn quickly, but it is important that one parent sticks to one language ALL THE TIME. Even if the child answers in the second language, one must stick to the other! It’s confusing if mommy speaks English here and Spanish there, how come she doesn’t know?

  2. Anonymous

    Honor is an American baby and English is and should remain her first language.
    Jessica grew up in a house where speaking Spanish was forbidden so why should Honor be forced to learn it, she isn’t even Hispanic she is multi-racial.

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