Suri Cruise’s Park Playdate

Cutie pie Suri Cruise seemed to have a blast playing with her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes during a trip to the park in Cambridge, Massachusetts today (October 10).

The 3-year-old played a game of chase with her movie star mom and dad and then headed down to the banks of the river to explore. Looks like a fun day!

The family has taken up temporary residence in Boston while Tom films his new movie, Witchita.

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Photo credit: PPNY / GSNY / Splash News


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  1. Amanda

    Is Suri EVER dressed appropriately for the eather? Tom and Katie are dressed in jeans, sweaters and Katie has a scarf and jacket on and Suri is in a thin SUN dress! Haven’t these two ever heard of a coat? That poor kid is wrapping a blanket around herself because she’s cold and trying to lay on Tom to keep warm. Buy a coat people! A blanket is NOT a substitue for a coat. Do these two have a clue as how to dress a child for cold weather? Suri either has two parents who don’t know how to dress her or she is VERY spoiled and gets to wear what she wants no matter what the weather.

    Atleast Katie looks better than she has. She isn’t dressed like a fifty year old woman and doesn’t have her hair crammed under that hat. Her hair looks much better longer. I do not think she looks like she’s in her twenties. Ever since she had Suri she looks like she’s in her forties. She looks so tired, depressed and unhappy.

  2. Janice

    I live in Boston it was cold today, why are the parents dressed for the weather but not the child, i dont want to hear anyone say well maybe Suri didnt want to wear a coat, Tom and Kate are parents and should make her, I dont get it at all, what the hell goes through their mind when everyday they dress for the cold boston weather & let Suri dress ike shes in California, Its becoming a real issue, and maybe its time to get peolpe involved because it was the same way last year in NY, they never have her dressed properly, thats not not healthy…

  3. Anonymous

    I completely second that, Desiree! Suri is such a beautiful little girl!

  4. Anonymous

    Great photo-op anyway…

  5. rachel s

    What a gorgeous photo of little Suri and her daddy.

  6. ivy

    my son doesn’t like wearing a jacket either, but so what- he’s a child, he doesn’t know what’s best.

  7. Anonymous

    suri is very cute and the pictures with tom are cute

  8. Anonymous

    Wow, Double standard….People are so mean when it comes to suri//clothes/play high-heel shoes, which by the way you get that same Pair in pink and gold, at toys r us. anyways.. NOBODY comments on how KINGSTONS hair is HIGHLIGHTED!!! thats actual chemicals, not play high heels.. I really want someone resp. back to me.. kingston’s hair is BRown, yet he gets his mohawk dyed, I wouldn’t even really call it a highlight, because its truly dying/bleaching it blonde.
    SO why is it I never see comments about him, or is it just a double standard… its ok for him something thats actually harmful, and please don’t say you would do that to your 3 yr. but u would let ur three old play dress up.. We have no idea what is truly going on in any picture, because we are NOT THERE..
    but we can assume, which u know wha they say about ass-uming something…. we don’t know why suri isn’t dress for cold weather, maybe she is a hotblood kid, we can’t see the facts from these pictures, but we Kingston we can see that he has had the blonde dye job. even though they are great parents.. it just bothers me that mothers on this site are so quick to point out flaws with suri/kate/tom/ but not with other kids..
    Whats the deal..??? and this is my first time on this site! and I noticed it right off the bat, I went back to 10 webpages ago, and still hate and judgement only for one family, why are the others ok?

  9. sincity

    It’s weird, for days people all over the internet have been saying how sad it is that all Suri does is hang around a film set or go shopping with her mother. Some suggested that it was a shame that the child wasn’t running around a park.
    Low and behold we have the staged pics of the child running around in a park!!!!

    Yes the kid needs a coat but her mother may think it will spoil the look of her little dolls, sorry childs, dress. She is a fashionista after all!!!
    She also need friends her own age not just her parents company all the time.

    Oh wonder how long it will be before we see the kid in a coat and with other kids her own age. Go on Tom put your useless PR machine to work!

  10. Ghea

    Janice, I agree that it’s getting (or already is) to point where someone should intercede. I have been trying to not to say anything but child’s outfits are getting quite hazardous. Wearing heels (and no, I don’t think that even if she is playing dress up she should wear heels and in any case it’s one thing to play dress up and wear heels outside).is dangerous to growing bones. At her age bones are moldable and if she wears heels she might (depending on how much) develope lifelong problems with feet, ankles, knees, hips, back and posture. And being constantly dressed too lightly is almost as dangerous. It would be more acceptable if it were more rare but it’s not.
    Sorry about rant but this really irks me.

  11. Anonymous

    I love the first picture.
    but unfortunately I have to agree with Amanda and Janice.. Once again she’s not dressed appropriate for the weather.
    everyone can say what they want but when a child’s parents are dressed in coats and scarfs, you can’t tell me a CHILD is warm enough in just a summer dress.
    suri needs a coat! she’s 3 years old which is way too old to be wrapped in a blanket all the time

  12. Anonymous

    The only time I see Suri smile is when she’s with her Dad. Now, about her clothes, you can tell she’s uncomfortable running and playing in that long dress, in sone photos, she’s holding it up trying to run. She’s obviously cold when she wraps the blanket around her. I don’t get why her parents are dressed appropriatly while she’s not. Is she that spoiled, or does as she pleases? At least she’s not in heals !!!

  13. Cathy

    Doesn’t Suri have friends of her age? We never see her playing with another child!

  14. Jenny

    This main picture of Tom and Suri is award-winning. One of the greatest shots a pap has caught!

  15. didi

    I have to agree with Tom that sometimes the paps do get the best pictures, this is really a gorgeous shot. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…..or at least pose for ’em 🙂

  16. Susan

    I really love the photo of her flat out on that blue bench. I think it’s fabulous. You don’t see her acting like a kid very often but she definitely looks 3 years old in that picture.

  17. Hank

    You self-anointed parenting experts are irritating beyond belief. Go raise your own children, you pathetic busybodies.

  18. MissSushi

    I agree, Hank… If she was so insanely cold she would wear a jacket…just like she has in the past. I hardly ever wore jackets or long sleeves as I was almost always much hotter then everyone else and she’s a pretty active little kid.

    Mind your own business. Just because they get hounded by the paps the minute they go in public doesn’t mean they live their life to please your psychotic attitudes.

  19. cat

    My gosh people get a life….. Suri is not your kid. If they want to put her a dress with high heels that is there business. Not the business of some snotty people who think they know it all. Lets be a little more productive with our lives. You see a few pictures of a family and assume you know there whole life story. From someone who has friends that know them, they are sweet, very funny and great with Suri. Suri has lot’s of little play friends. She is not a lonely, unhappy little girl. She has great parents and a wonderful family support. So unless they are not feeding her, making her sleep out in the cold, or abusing her, whatever she wears or doesn’t wear isn’t anyone’s business. Go obsess over something else.

  20. Anonymous

    Both are new moms, Both will make mistakes, What if everyday, you and your kids were photographed, everytime u walk out the door, and Trust me You wouldn’t like it, you know your kid throws fits, cries, is sometimes tired,..
    for being in the public eye, I see nothing wrong with any of the pics of suri, or any of the other kids that bother me.. Only one thing is actually harmful and thats dying ur kids hair.. I wish they wouldnt do dont do that to a 3yrold.
    other than that, I see suri’s parents always with her, Can you say you are with ur kid that much. No, You can’t… because u are normal and have to work…. but alot of the stars you don’t alway see them always with their kid. But just about every time katie steps out, she has her daughter with me, so that tells me atleast she isn’t leaving her with a nanny.
    and I also was a hot-blood kid, I hated wearing coats, and Yes, once I even got to wear my pink high heels, “play heels”, my tights,denim skirt and t-shirt with polked dotted vest., at age 4, to walmart once. and If you wanna see the picture we have it. I dressed myself that day, and was really proud of myself, So mom.. and Trust me, My parents were teachers/coaches, So everyone in town knew us, even though she was embars. about it, She let me wear them that whole day. actually because She said, if are going to dress like that, then you will wear it all day.. And I DID….it was one of those learning exper.’s and guess what I never wore my pink heels again, I only wore them for play, due to the kids that pointed at me in the store.

  21. Anonymous

    GHEA and to others who are still ignoring this,

    What about Kingston,??????(Gwen and gavins boy) HE is three and they DYE his brown hair, they Dye his mohawk BLEACH BLONDE… but yet, everyone is on Katie holmes case and her being a not good mom. Please someone tell me, why do you choose to see with blinders on.
    Why hasnt anyone commented on bleaching your 3yrolds hair.. You don’t think that Peroxi. that is used to do that doesnt burn his little scalp…

  22. Anonymous

    also, Atleast we don’t see suri going to Toys r us all the time unlike another set of parents does…. and how the heck do you know if she has friends or not!…. I just love how people ASSUME, that she has no friends, just because there isn’t a picture…please! If it takes a picture to “prove” to you that she as friends, Search for her pictures at tumbling.. She is running around with a ton of little girls and a couple of boys, having fun.
    and Katie has always taken her to parks, even back when she was barely walking, they played in a park in, Russia, while tom was filming there.
    I work for a photography company, and I love my nikon, its takes pictures one after another really fast.. So Just like the papz. I can take 200 pics really quick too.. and just like them, You can get someone fixing to smile, smiling, and moving there mouth to unsmile… Let me explain it in simpler terms, have you ever taken a picture with ur eyes closed, then the next pic, they are opened.. Well you choose the one with your eyes open right. Well If you a mag. what do you think out of 300 pics, they are going to pick. Well duh! the one that will make the most money, and its the crappy ones, were there eyes are closed, caught in a frown, or caught in between…. If would be interesting to see for once, all the pics they took put up, not just a select few!
    If you can’t see that, and understand a picture is not always saying whats going on. You aren’t that smart, or I take that back. You can’t see the other side. You see one side, or straight forward.. when in reality your missing out on whats going on to the left and right…

  23. Danielle

    For those people who say no one comment’s on Kingston’s hair I have in the past, I hate it and think it’s terrible and dangerous putting chemicals on a child’s hair. But so many people jumped down my throat saying well maybe he wanted it that way. Hmm my answer is he’s 3, my 3yr old would probably like to eat chocolate cake everyday but he isn’t going to, I’m the adult and sometimes as an adult you know best.
    The same with Suri’s shoes, just because they sell them at Toysrus or where ever doesn’t mean you should buy them, there are plenty of toys I certainly won’t be buying.
    The coat thing is tricky cos maybe she decided to strip off or something, my one does that, he’s very hot blooded, today in the U.K it was quite chilly, I had my warm coat on and he was sweating with just his jumper on haha

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