Celebrity Guest Blogger: Gena Lee Nolin

Celebrity Baby Scoop is thrilled to welcome Gena Lee Nolin as a celebrity guest blogger. Best known for her time on the international smash hit Baywatch, Gena is returning after having three children with an entirely new image and outlook on life. She is set to host a new television series and is also working on a book which delves into her own experience of postpartum depression after all three of her pregnancies.

Gena’s first blog is a refreshing look at her busy life in Scottsdale, AZ with husband, NHL defensemen Cale Hulse, sons Spencer, 12, and Hudson, 3, and daughter, Stella Monroe, 10 months. The Nolin-Hulses are pictured above (including Cale’s 8-year-old daughter Caia).

Please leave questions for Gena’s next blog in the comments.

Hello fellow Moms & Dads,

This marks my first blog ever. I have to say I was thrilled with its familiar subject matter, after all I’ve been a mommy now for over 12 years! Becoming a parent for me brought an overwhelming amount of emotion that ranged from pure bliss, fatigue, frustration and a deep love that’s indescribable for those without children. I thoroughly enjoy being a mom and the day to day monotony it brings. It’s clearly not the beaches of Baywatch, but it has its magical moments!

Mommy-hood for me is shuttling my 12 year old to every tween, school and sporting event possible. FYI- tweens are sassy! A 3 1/2 year old son who makes me laugh with his funny impressions of cookie monster and makes me cry due to his charming tantrums that make Target come to a screeching halt. Then we have my 10 month old daughter who’s brought us such joy, especially in the pink department and who’s thankfully just stopped screaming after 5 months of colic. I said just stopped, right?! I now sympathize with parents who’ve gone through the helplessness of it, something we should all talk about.

All in all I have a great team, a husband who’s hands on and really into the kids. The old school mentality, “mommy takes the brunt of everything”, has finally been kiboshed by us modern parents. Daddies are staying home now more than ever, while mommy brings home the bacon. Whatever works and truthfully there are no rules to the world of parenting, we learn as we go and ultimately whatever’s in our children’s best interest trumps all.

I’ve recently recovered from my last bout of postpartum depression. I sadly went through it with all three and just now decided to talk about it with a book I’m currently writing. It’s time us mommies let this scary illness out of the bag without shame or embarrassment. I find the more I share, the more cases I see and at the end of the day we have more in common than you think. It has nothing to do with Hollywood parties, red bathing suits or the car we drive — it’s sharing in the amazing ride called parenting. Buckle up, because we’re in for the ride of our lives!

Gena Lee Nolin

Please leave a question (or 2!) for Gena’s next blog in the comments.

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Photo credit: From Gena Lee Nolin for exclusive use on CBS

  • Samantha Arias

    Hi Gena, I appreciate you sharing that. I have always been embarassed about my depression because I felt like it was my fault. I look forward to learning more about what you went through and how you plan to help other moms.

  • carolyn

    Your family is beautiful!

    I’m so happy to hear you’re writing a book about your experiences with ppd, there is just not enough information out there on this topic. I’m currently expecting #2 and am nervous about the prospect of going through ppd for the second time. Did you do anything to ensure you’d be better prepared to deal with it after the births of your second and third children?

  • Desiree

    Welcome to the site — I’m looking forward to hearing your stories — and I’m very excited that you’re writing a book!
    You family is just gorgeous!

  • hannah

    What a beautiful family.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the blog Gena. I suffered from PPD with 2 out of my 3 kids and it was the hardest time in my life, I was so embarrassed like you and never wanted to talk about it, it took me 2 years to get back to normal. I have to say seeing photos of you always made me feel intimidated but after reading your recent articles I see that your one of the girls. How did you get in shape? I look forward to your book.
    Also, when will you write in again?
    Heather CT

  • Sara J.

    this is a great blog. i had ppd with my baby whose now 9months. i was almost divorced and couldn’t function at all. you just made me feel so wonderful by writing this blog. i felt lost and like i was a horrible mom. you of all people? you have everything and you got it. i like to see you put your kids first, not many celebs do that. good luck to you and i can’t wait to read your book and more blogs. could you share more about how you got help and what do you do to look so good you are prettier now then ever.

    i also want to know when your writing again.? can someone tell me from the website. thanks

  • Brenda

    Awesome blog! When will your book be out? Jenny McCarthy who… shhhh

  • Ariana

    I agree with the others, you’ve totally made me think so differently about hollywood moms. You’re not the stereotypical baywatch girl you’d think of and you look better now for sure. I never went through ppd personally, but my sister did and it was horrible to see her go through something we couldn’t really help her with. We’ll look for the book — get back on TV, we miss you Gena Lee.
    Hugs from Florida

    Brenda, I agree

  • Dan F.

    I’m a stay at home dad to 2 of my children while my wife works outside the home. I really appreciate your view on the new way’s of the world. It just happens it works best for us. One, I was laid off and two, my wife has a very successful job as a vp at a marketing firm, so we knew what we had to do. Its hard as you moms know, but I don’t think dad’s get as much credit.
    I’ve watched you from The price is right to Sheena, so I’m a fan, but to see you in this light is even more attractive. Please continue to talk about stay at home dads. Also, how hard it is for us men to deal with PPD, my wife had it for 2 years with our last child. Any suggestions as to how we deal with it, what worked for you and your husband.
    Thank you Gena and I’m so excited to see you back at it again. Please tell me about the TV show coming up!

    Your biggest fan,
    Dan F.

  • Natalie

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on PPD. I also suffered through PPD with all 3 of my children. This last time around I went on antidepressants in the hospital, and that helped me tremendously in making it through the first few difficult months. I can remember thinking with my first child that there was something wrong with me, that I did not enjoy my child as much as other new moms did, and felt a lot of guilt. It is encouraging to hear other moms who have gone through similar situations.
    How did you overcome your PPD?

  • marie-line

    this is a marvellous familly!gena is genius!her children are so beautifull like prince and princess!some really little angels!

  • Janice

    I’m so HAPPY Gena has been diagnosed properly with hashomoto’s disease. She’s been a thyroid advocate for a while now. I follow her Facebook page “Thyroid Sexy” and love it! Way to go Gena for being our voice and sharing your story to the world!

  • Karin

    THANK YOU GENA! I read awhile back that you had PPD and that you were properly diagnosed with Hashimotos disease in 2009. Your book with New York Times Bestseller Mary J. Shomon will be amazing! Thank you for creating awareness for all of us who suffer. Thyroid Sexy on FB & twitter has saved me! It’s a disease that is so hidden and swept under the rug, especially after pregnancies. No more thanks to you and your celebrity to bring it out in places like these. God Bless!
    The Best,

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