Michael Jackson’s Kids To Star In Reality Show

The Jacksons are at odds over including Michael Jackson‘s three children in an upcoming A&E reality show about the famous family, Us Weekly reports.

The program called The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty tentatively set to air in December includes Michael’s kids – Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7 – though not everyone’s happy about it.

Eldest sister Rebbie, 59, who has refused to be in the series, “feels Michael would spin in his grave if he knew his kids would be on this show.” While Janet, 43, is reportedly on board, mom Katherine “is just going along with things,” the source continues.

One of the creators of the program – which will be either five one-hour episodes or 10 half-hour episodes – says the family shines on the series: “We have 23 cast members with the last name Jackson,” executive producer Jodi Gomes says. “They’ve done a great job opening up about losing a brother.”

Should Michael’s kids be included in the Jackson reality show?

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  • MissSushi

    I think i prefer how their father kept them OUT of the limelight. It hardly took any time for the cash cows to start cashing in on them. Ugh

  • Kylie

    I think this is horrifying. Michael deliberately kept them out of the spotlight for years. I won’t be watching. I wasn’t going to be before, but this just seals the deal.

  • Jenny

    I just find this too ironic – after the great lengths Michael took to veil the children on public outings (not that I particularly agreed with that technique) – that his family would showcase the kids in a reality TV program for the world to see. Seems wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I too find this unnaceptable. Rebbie is the only Jackson that has sense, the rest put money before anything else. These kids should be kept out of the spotlight. Joe will love the success of the show and undoubtedly push these kids to perform in other ways. He could not disrespect Michaels memory anymore, even if he tried. Its disgraceful.

  • Peta

    I’m with Rebbie, and the other commenters here. Michael bent over backwards to protect his children’s privacy. Even when he did that show on Fox with his private home videos, he had Paris and Prince’s faces (Blanket wasn’t born yet) blurred out and their voices censored.

    Ugh. I’m hoping and praying that this is all rumour and speculation. If I wasn’t interested in the show before, I’m hell-bent on ignoring it now if they do put the children in it.

  • Susan

    Not sure how to feel about this. Rebbie is probably right – Michael likely would not want his children on a reality show. But I also assume that the kids, being 11 and 12 and 7 have voices and that if they didn’t want to do this, the family would not force them – especially at this time. They (the kids) must be willing. In a strange way, it might be good for them – having something to do besides their schoolwork might help to focus their mind on something besides their grief over losing Michael. I really can’t believe the family (even Jermaine) would do anything to purposely harm them. Something tells me they won’t be on the show much anyway. Maybe a few scenes here and there. In an ironic twist of fate, Michael’s death may actually have given these kids the kind of public freedom they never had when he was alive. At least they can go out now, free of masks, and enjoy a movie or amusement park without being trampled by the media. Sure, the paps still take pics, but from a distance now. At least the kids can breathe.

  • Desiree

    Oh dear 🙁 I think Michael would hate this.

    • jada

      u r so right mj dont want his kids like this

  • Shirilicious

    I am as astounded as everybody else. Rebbie is right, Michael would spin in his grave. And I can’t believe that Janet (who herself is so private, she managed to keep her marriage under wraps) is on board with this. Poor kids.

  • Danielle

    Michael will be turning in his grave. All this family can see are dollar signs.

  • MissSushi

    public freedom is COMPLETELY different then sticking them on a reality show. I didnt agree with the masks and stuff, but honestly, this really takes the cake.

  • Lioness

    I thought the same thing, Susan- that while we know MJ worked very hard to keep his children’s identities private and would no doubt be against this, I can’t help but wonder if his kids said they were okay with it. They aren’t babies, and I hope that the family knows enough compassion not to put them on the show against their wishes. Still, I’m in agreeance with Rebbie and everyone else- as Jenny put it, it seems wrong.

  • J.D.

    It’s been said now that the kids will NOT be on the show. Katherine said so herself. That’s such a relief because Michael never would have wanted his children on a reality show.

  • hannah

    It’s not what Michael would have wanted, he tried his best not to have his kids in the public view Katherine shouldn’t allow it.

  • Terry

    It has been confirmed (Saw it on E! on TV, so no link for you) that the kids are NOT part of the Jackson Family reality show.

  • Anonymous

    Like these kids haven’t been screwed up enough by their late father, now this. I wish everyone would just leave them alone and I’m hoping for them that the saner members of the Jackson family are also looking out for them.

  • Anonymous

    To say these kids were “screwed up” by Michael is not a statement of fact. There is no evidence to show that these kids are messed up. Michael himself may have been a very troubled soul, but all accounts he was a very good and conscientious father. The fact that he went to such lengths to keep them out of the spotlight says a lot about his parenting, imo. And I sincerely hope that all these rumors of these kids being in the reality show is just that, internet rumors.

  • Angie

    These 3 children were the most important thing in the world to Michael Jackson..and hopefully his family will respect his wishes and keep them out of the spotlight so they can enjoy a childhood. They can become whatever they want to as adults..because their father has taught them love and respect and to follow their dream.

  • Yosra

    OH MY GOD…..i wish this will Not happen..this would be a Definetly using of MJ’s children…Michael would NEVER agree on exposing his children in a reality show..Not in a million years..he always kept their privacy Not to suffer as him..I hope it will be just a Rumour ,,,

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