Jude Law’s Museum Munchkins

Jude Law was spotted taking two of his four children – Iris, 8 ½, and Rudy, 7 – to the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York City on Thursday (October 15). Law also shares a son, Rafferty, 12, with ex-wife Sadie Frost, and is stepdad to her to 18-year-old son Finlay Munro.

Recent DNA tests prove that the 36-year-old Cold Mountain actor is the father of Samantha Burke‘s newborn daughter Sophia. No word yet if Jude has gone to meet his newest offspring.

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  • GreenEyesFreckles87

    It’s great that Jude spends time with his children, but if he doesn’t go see his newest, he’s still the worst Father in the world, IMO. After Jon Gosselin, of course. But that’s a given. Haha! Jude needs to go see his daughter, or he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. He laid down and made that child, he needs to live up to his responsibilities. And it’s nothing like him cheating on Sienna Miller with the nanny. He’s created a child, a life, an innocent baby here. It’s a lot different, and a lot more serious. Man up, Jude. Don’t set a bad example for your son.

  • Anonymous

    I have yet to understand where people get the idea that Jude will not see his child. OF COURSE he is going to see this child. Do people not realize that he only found out about the child when he was in the middle of doing Hamlet and, sadly, even after the baby had already been named? Why is he being villified based on the questionable reported comments of a “source” who said the he hasn’t been involved and wasn’t there at the birth? Of course he wasn ‘t there, he’s working. He should have never been jerked around by the mother in the first place. He was never given the benefit of knowledge for prior planning or any decisions about the it. So lighten up on him. My gosh, he hasn’t had time to do anything, he doesn’t have a relationship with the mother, and he’s working 8 shows a week on Broadway until December. I’m sure he’s dealing with things just fine wihout our lofty, unneeded advice. He’s no dummy. For all we know, he’s getting pictures via email, and perhaps even seen the child by webcam. And once he’s through with Hamlet, a lot is going to depend on the mother, how accomodating she is, andwhether or not she uses the child as a weapon to suit her own purposes, as sadly, some mothers do. So, the best thing people can do is trust that Jude is taking care of business the best way he can right now, remember that he has always been a great father, has always taken part in his childrens lives, from carrying or strolling them around town to taking them to parksk, museums, etc., and he’ll do just fine with Sophia, too. People just need to let go of the tabloid mindsets, because they are ultimately the source of such baseless nonsense.

  • sheryl

    Oh come on, give the guy a break. Where in the world did all this business come from suggesting Jude won’t see Sophia? Of course he will, and they’ll be just fine, as long as the mother doesn’t use the child as a weapon to manipulate. Goodness, all a tabloid has to do is say somebody said something (and for all we know, it was the person who sits at the desk next to the writer) and suddenly the world is ablaze with a rampant, baseless rumor. Jude was not given benefit of knowing about Sophia until he was already commited to finishing Hamlet in London, doing a run in Denmark, and then bringing it to NYC, and since he has 8 shows a week, where in the world would the man have time to fly off somewhere? For all we know, he has requested daily pictures and webcam “visits.” He’s a grown, intelligent man who is loving to his children, and there’s no reason to believe that he’s not taking care of business just exactly the way he needs to, and he’s smart enough to do it without our dubious input. If he has to wait until December, little Sophia is not going to be the worse for it. I have no doubt that they’ll do just fine. Everybody else needs to take the chill pill. The guy didn’t even have benefit of knowing about the child until it was already named and pratically here, for heaven’s sake. So lighten up and step away from the gossip.

  • Anonymous

    I have no ida where this “worst father of the year” comes from. He had no idea he had a kid until a few months ago. He was never give the chance to decide whether he wanted the kid or not. The mother decided she wanted the kid then demanded support from him.

    He did not deny he was the father and pledged to support the baby. Now, everybody and his brother wants him to drop everything he is doing and fly to see this baby from someone he has no relationship whatever. The baby won’t even know he was there! Why go now when the paps whould be all over him(since the mom is a famewhore as everybody kjnows about her website babbling all about the pregnancy and posing in her underwear and blackmailing him about selling the bay’s pics to tabloids)?

    Jude does not even wat paps to take pics of his kids and here’s this moneyhungry woman selling his baby’s pics tyo the highest bidder. She was a nobody and now, suddenly, she has a PR, a lawyer and is issuing all these
    press releases. Give me a break!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously people, if he was interested, he could easily fly down and back in one day to take a look at the new kid. Going months without bothering to see your kid does make you a terrible father. It doesn’t matter that the baby wouldn’t know who he is; it’s the complete lack of interest that defines being a bad father.

    Defend him all you want, but you have sex and you take the chance of a child. Adults take responsibility, emotionally and financially, for their choices. Just writing a check doesn’t mean you get to skip the emotional part.

  • sheryl

    How do you know he’s just writing a check “anonymous”? How do you know what he’s been doing towards this? Where do you get your information? Just because he isn’t acting per your expectations doesn’t mean he’s disinterested or doing anything untoward regarding the child. He wants (and deserves) it to be a private matter, and whatever he does he is not going to broadcast because he has respect for his life and his privacy against high-horse armchair presumptuous busybodies who delight in throwing tomatoes at celebrities. SORRY! He and Sophia will be just fine, as long as the mom doesn’t use her to try and manipulate Jude any more than she already has. Jude’s no dummy and he’s not malicious, he’ll do just fine.

  • Peta

    Jude’s far from my favourite person, but how do we know if he’s seen Sophia or not? Unless he’s been blatantly obvious with his disinterest in the baby, I don’t think we can assume anything at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t you people just be realistic and say, “two of his three kids plus a the mistake”? It’s much more accurate.

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