Uma Thurman Covers Gotham Magazine

“Hot mama” Uma Thurman graces the cover of the October issue of Gotham magazine. In the interview, the beautiful Kill Bill star, who is mom to kids Maya, 11, and Levon, 7, reflects on films and family and reveals why her latest movie, Motherhood was a labor of love.

Having done everything from romantic comedies to science fiction flicks, Uma, 39, explains why she agreed to sign on to Motherhood.

“It was the realness that attracted me to the script. It was so anchored in something that I knew. Maybe some of the circumstances were different— nobody would believe that it was as close to me as it was! But I read it and felt like this was like years of my life. There’s a loneliness to motherhood and mothering, and the effort of trying to be a fully good mother and at the same time wondering, who are you otherwise?”

“And seeing the slipping away of one’s career and one’s ability to focus on oneself. There’s this struggle of trying to maintain you, whatever that is after you’ve had kids, and also see if you fulfill your obligation as a mother. That alone is an impossibility… if you’re that kind of hard-headed person desperate to do the best job. What is the best job? When is it good enough? When do you not forget this, or arrive at the kid’s class late, and everybody looks at you and you’ve run eight blocks because your car was stuck in traffic and you’re pouring with sweat? It’s something profoundly universal.”

She admits that not everyone will connect to the film, saying that some movie-goers may not “see any reason why they sat there for an hour and a half and watched the story of this woman who struggles with her groceries.”

Still, she says it offered up an opportunity that is hard to come by for women in Hollywood these days. Explaining that the roles for actresses tend to be quite narrow, Uma continues, “You’re pretty, funny, charming, scary, whatever. But Motherhood is a tiny subject. It’s one day in an ignored person’s life. And to me it had so much depth and meaning and familiarity.”

Motherhood, co-starring Anthony Edwards and Minnie Driver, hits theaters on October 23.

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    I would love to have Uma’s long slender legs!

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