Katherine Heigl Cuddles Sweet Naleigh

Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley were spotted out and about with their 10 1/2-month-old daughter Naleigh in Los Angeles on Sunday (October 18).

The Knocked Up actress and her daughter are just about to celebrate their birthdays at the end of November:

She was actually born the day before me in November which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign.” The 30-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star said. “I realized just recently that I basically forfeited my birthday for the rest of my life.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Which would make her pretty much 11 months (like 3 or 4 days from it) not 10 and 1/2.

  2. Anonymous

    Naleigh is pretty little girl. She now has the loving parents and she will grow up in a loving family. Josh and Katherine will certainly have biological children too later but their little Naleigh will always have a very special place in her mum and dad´s hearts. She is really beautiful little girl.

  3. Anonymous

    Really? Because on my calendar November is two weeks away.. where did you learn math?

  4. Jenny

    Naleigh turns 1 on Nov. 23. She’ll turn 11 months on Oct. 23.

  5. Anonymous

    She looks just like a little doll, how sweet!

  6. Desiree

    Oh, she is just so beautiful!
    Both of them, really!

  7. Anonymous

    Katherine is gorgeous…love to see her’s and Joss’s biological child who will be a knock-out.
    All babies are adorable……till some grow up.

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