Lisa Marie Presley & Her Beautiful Babes

What gorgeous girls! Proud mom Lisa Marie Presley shows off her twin daughters Harper and Finley in the new issue of Hello! magazine.

“They both have such a sweetness about them that it breaks our heart,” she says of the girls, who celebrated their first birthdays on October 7. “We want desperately to preserve their purity, love and trust for as long as we can before people and life cause the inevitable souring and contamination. It is incredible that we all start out so pure, so genuine, happy and trusting.”

Lisa Marie, 41, and her husband Michael Lockwood are raising Finley and Harper in England rather than Hollywood. She tells Hello! that the move has been a good one for the family, saying, “The civility, the culture, the people and its beauty have reawakened me and have smoothed out some of my bleak and jagged views about people and life.”

Lisa Marie is also mom to daughter Riley, 20, and son Ben, 17 this month, from a previous relationship.

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  1. hannahmumma

    they are lovely!!!!! good for lisa marie and her husband for moving somewhere for the sake of their kiddos and their own sanity!!

  2. What the....

    Cute kids, stupid names.

  3. Marilyn

    People who move to the USA from England say those same things so I think it’s just that it’s about being in a different country. Because of Elvis, she might be hounded a lot (no pun intended). Anthony Hopkins became a citizen of the US, as did many other people from from England. Boy, the girls are cute.

  4. Anonymous

    those two are so adorable! OMG, I can’t believe how precious they are…little sweetie pies! and btw, I LOVE the names Harper and Finley. Maybe I would even name my own daughter one of those…anyways…gorgeous girls!

  5. Anonymous

    You made cute babies Lisa Marie!

  6. Kathy

    I hope those 4 kids of Lisa Marie realize what a great entertainer their grandfather was. He added so much to our history. I’ve been to Graceland twice and would love to go again.

  7. sheryl oliver( leo)

    I have never seen such beautiful little girls Lisa, you must be so happy to have them and to be blessed with such a great family, i’m so pleased your finally happy, it shows in your face how at peace with things you are, all the best for your future together and we will look forward to watching the 2 littles one grow into beautiful young ladies. S xx

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