Housewives’ Bethenny Frankel Expecting Baby No. 1!

A recently engaged Bethenny Frankel has revealed to PEOPLE exclusively that she and fiancé Jason Hoppy are expecting their first child.

The news of her pregnancy, which is just two months along, leaked a little earlier than she’d hoped due to some buzz on Perez Hilton: “It’s premature to be telling people this,” she told PEOPLE while fighting back tears. “It’s not like, ‘Did I Get Botox’ It’s not the way I wanted it to get out. I haven’t even gone through my first trimester. We haven’t even heard the heartbeat. My [fiancé’s] parents didn’t even know.”

Though the 38-year-old reality star had hoped to keep her news secret a little while longer, she and Jason are “both so excited”, but because it’s so early she is “praying everything is okay”.

The Housewives’ star admits that, at less than two months pregnant, her appetite has already started to change: “I’m hungry in a way that is not negotiable. I’m not eating tremendous amount[s] but if I am hungry, I will stab someone for food.”

She goes on to say that she ate a jar of pickles before she’d even taken a pregnancy test: “That’s so cliché. I just want salt. Salt on everything.”

Best wishes to Bethenny for a healthy pregnancy!

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  1. deeb2001

    Finally, I have been routing for her since, real housewives of NJ came on. I always felt so bad for her, especially when she was dating that jerk.
    May God bless this pregnancy and her relationship! 🙂
    So what is she due in like April/May??!!

  2. antigoniem

    deeb2001 you mean Real Housewives of NY. I’m so happy for her. Is Jason the same Jason she was dating on the show, or is this a different Jason?

  3. deeb2001

    Thank you antigoniem, I meant New York! lol I saw a picture of her and her fiance’ on, and its definately not the same Jason. I read that she and her fiance’ have only been dating for like 11 months. She also said, she knew things were gonna move quickly because of her age.
    I just feel so happy for her. I love when people finally get what they really want, espcially when its a family. 🙂

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