Ricky Martin & His Beach Boy

In a Twitter post that simply stated “chilling,” Ricky Martin shared the above picture of himself and his gorgeous 1-year-old son Matteo enjoying a day at the beach. Twin brother Valentino napped this one out.

Ricky seems like such a doting daddy. The Livin’ la Vida Loca singer said he has been transformed by fatherhood: “[It] feels amazing. I’m so happy! Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life.”

The 37-year-old father-of-two has always been one of the most outspoken celebs in combating child trafficking. At the Clinton Global Initiative in September, Martin served as a presenter on the topic. Martin stated why he became an advocate for child trafficking:

Oh man, log onto the website and read what is going on and I swear, with all the information that’s in there, you will find something to do. Just talking about it and creating awareness is a good start. I can’t tell you what to do. It has to be born from within, like it started with me.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • cat vomit

    haha nice shorts

  • mar

    hot and little hot :)))

  • sadeem

    n!ce p!c

  • Ben

    Aww, cute little boys. I wonder who their real father is, I would love to see his picture.

    • antigoniem

      The real father is Ricky, he used a surrogate.

  • Anonymous

    hehe a cute kid

  • Anonymous

    Oh, please, Ben! What a mean and dumb comment. With all the good things to say, you go and say that one? Ricky is the father! Who the mother is? Who cares? He is raising them and he is doing a great job. Much better than a lot of “conventional” fathers.

  • Anonymous

    Ben, grow up! You must be 12 or 13 years old to make a comment like that. If you’re older, that would be a pity.

  • Anonymous

    Can u say HOTTIE! He can be my “Daddy” anytime! Ricky is probably a better father than most men- people who say mean things about him are just jealous! SERIOUSLY!

  • Anonymous

    ok amor te ves divino si quieres yo puedo cuidar a tus niños!!!

  • Zeidy

    Que lindos que se ven! En esa foto se nota lo tanto que Ricky quiere a su hijo p0r la cara de dulzura que le hace… Me alegro que este tan feliz en esta etapa de su vida. Bendiciones para ambos! y para el otro chiquitín que no aparece en la foto…

  • es una escena de lo mas tierna, es todo un padrazo.

  • María

    Pobre la compadezco a la madre de tus hijos que ni siquiera puede decir que son de ella también. Tendrías que pensar un poco en ella porque sin su colaboración no los hubieras tenido.
    Parece que son hijos sin madre.

  • jacky

    ricky eres lindo soy de peru y me encantas ,tus niños estan preciosos y

  • Asturiex.com

    Que suerte han tenido con un padre tan rico.

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