Tori Spelling: “Family Always Comes First!”


Tori Spelling, well loved for her role as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210, is one busy mama. She became a #1 New York Times best selling author when her entertaining autobiography sTori Telling, was released in 2008. It’s no surprise that her recent book, Mommywood, has also received rave reviews.

In addition to raising her two beautiful children Liam and Stella and filming her hit reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, the 36-year-old celebrity mama recently launched Little Maven, a line of chic and iconic clothing for children.

In a recent exclusive interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop, Tori opens up on the inspiration of her clothing line Little Maven, how she balances her career and family life, her children, family traditions as well as the one piece of advice she would give to new moms.

CBS: Congratulations on your recent success with your new clothing line Little Maven! I love the originality of all the designs as well as their vintage flair. You have mentioned that your children Liam and Stella were the inspiration for this gorgeous line. What made you decide to create a clothing line for children?

“I was inspired by my children Liam and Stella to create a children’s clothing line. I have always loved fashion but when you have kids comfortability and durability become key. I wanted to design a line that’s stylish and comfortable AND are affordable for mom’s everywhere.”

CBS: Have you always been interested in fashion and design?

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion and knew at an early age I wanted to make my own creations come to life. I thought I’d go first into women’s fashions but when I became a mom my immediate focus went to the kids wear.”

CBS: With such a busy schedule how do you manage to balance your children and work?

“I am able to balance children and work with one easy motto…”Family always comes first!” Everything else falls in line if you keep on that course. I work a lot but luckily my kids are young so they can come with me. And, all of my projects are passion projects and organic because they relate to my life and family.”

CBS: Do you have any special family traditions or routines?

“Family dinners are very important to me. Growing up we didn’t always sit down as a family and I always knew that was something I wanted to do different when I became a wife and mom. I think its important for kids to know that family is the most important and as a unit we communicate and have daily discussions. Not to mention I love to cook!”

CBS: What are Liam and Stella up to these days?

“Liam is now 2 1/2 and Stella almost 17 months. Liam is so chatty now. He rattles off sentences and questions everything. He also says No to a lot of things too. He’s very funny and loves to tell stories and entertain people.

Stella is a natural comedian too. She smiles a lot and repeats everything Liam says! Her latest is “stop that!”. She also is so girly. She loves purses, jewelry, sunglasses, and tries to feed and rock her “baby” doll.”

CBS: Are they very different from each other?

“They were very different but now are becoming more alike. Especially since Stella tries to copy everything Liam does. He’s more of a quiet contemplater though and Stella is very reactive and verbal. They both are very funny.”

CBS: In your book Mommyhood you mentioned that Liam is very much a “daddy’s boy”. Is this still the case?

“Yes, Liam is still a Daddy’s boy although as he gets older he’s getting more into the nurturing side that only a mommy can give. Stella though is 100% a mama’s girl! I say proudly. They are both amazing and my pride and joy.”

CBS: If you could give one piece of advice to new moms what would it be?

“Best advice to new moms is to not take advice from others. People mean well but their advice sometimes comes with the added pressure and notion that we as new moms aren’t doing the right thing. I found that as a mom my maternal instinct was always my best advice!”

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Photo credit: From Tori Spelling & Little Maven for exclusive use on CBS

  • Anonymous

    Liam is so cute he is looking so much older and more like tori. and stella is such a sweet girl

  • Jenny

    Great interview – we love Tori! Donna and David forever! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Great interview and some good advice. Her kids are cuties!

  • Anonymous

    Tori looks like she’s gained some weight and it looks fantastic on her! Beautiful family!

  • Ann26

    Love this family! Tori looks better with a fuller face. Could she be ready for number 3!!!!

  • hopeso

    I love tori & her family….Great interview Tori Everyone is looking good..

  • Bess

    Hi Tori!! You look beautiful. Your kids are angels. How do you do it all??

  • Anonymous

    I am a housewife and a mom of three. I know how busy your children keep you. Great job Tori on keeping yourself first and foremost a mom and wife and juggling a job as well.

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