Kendra Wilkinson: I Feel Like A Queen

An expectant Kendra Wilkinson rocks a bikini on the new cover of In Touch. The 24-year-old mom-to-be says she’s never felt more beautiful: “The reason I feel so beautiful is not because of my looks, it’s because of my bond with the baby.” Kendra and her hubby, NFL star Hank Baskett, 27, talked about the highly anticipated arrival of son Henry Baskett IV due to arrive on Christmas Day. “He’ll be a momma’s boy!” Kendra insists adding, “We are so excited. This bundle of joy will make us one big happy family!”

On the best thing about being pregnant: “The greatest thing is probably just feeling like a queen. Everybody does everything for me. And Hank is always just giving me unconditional love – that different type of love that I’ve never felt before.”

On how pregnancy has changed her sex life: “Yes, it’s changed our sex life — for the worse [laughs]. I am a wild girl in bed and I can’t really be that wild anymore because I have limits now. I have 40 extra pounds in my belly, so I get tired easily. But no, of course, it’s still great. I have a great man in bed, he definitely knows how to please me. But, yeah, we’ll be better after when we have more energy!”

On if she feels beautiful while pregnant: “I have never felt this beautiful! The one thing I love about being pregnant is my skin, I used to have the worst acne. My whole life it’s been horrible – on the Girls Next Door, it was disgusting. This is the best skin that I have ever had in my life!”

On her biggest cravings: “I’ve been eating a lot of breakfast – eggs, bacon and cheese sandwiches with wheat toast, a lot of waffles with peanut butter. Peanut butter is my biggest craving. I actually put bananas and syrup all over it, too. Even though I don’t usually eat much meat, I’ve been eating a lot of ribs with barbecue sauce and steak. Also, my craving for chocolate came back. I never ate it before because it gave me migraines.”

On what kind of dad Hank will be: “The best role model in the whole world! I am so happy we’re having a boy first because I am excited to see the relationship between little Hank and Hank. I want him to be himself, but also have the same characteristics as Hank.”

On how much weight she has gained so far: “I have gained 40 pounds. I still have a month-and-a-half to go. I was 110 or 115 and now weigh 150.”

On how she feels about the weight gain: “There are things I love about it. I love that my hips are growing, even though it hurts. I want that butt and am starting to get it, so I’m excited.”

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  1. rachel s

    She’s ALREADY gained 40 lbs, she’s still got two months to go. Nevertheless, she looks beautiful.

  2. c

    Oh no, no, no! Look at her right leg in this picture — photoshopped to look like a broomstick!! Apparently it is not acceptable to show even a pregnant woman’s body with a natural amount of fat on it. She’s gained a lot of weight, and that’s should be totally fine, as she says herself. I’m disgusted that they would distort her body as grossly as they have…

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