Naomi Watts & Her Big Apple Buddy

What a sweet pair! Naomi Watts and her elder son Alexander ‘Sasha‘ Schreiber were seen walking around New York City on Thursday (October 22). The adorable 2-year-old played with mom’s hair while the duo walked through the streets of the Big Apple. Little brother Samuel ‘Kai‘ wasn’t with the blonde pair.

The 41-year-old King Kong star recently discussed the wonderment of motherhood:

I’m a mum and the whole concept is science fiction. It is just bizarre. I still can’t believe it when I look at my children that they came from one little moment and they’re people. They’re babies and people and they learn and figure out all these things and you go, ‘God I can’t believe it’.”

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  1. ivy

    why is she saying ‘mum’, shes not british is she?

  2. Shirilicious

    She is. Lived there until she was 14 and then moved to Australia.

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